Brendan Ogle’s wife hopes new owners will push for Oriel’s renovation

Mandy La Combre, wife of Unite union official Brendan Ogle, has publicly criticised the union’s treatment of Ogle following his cancer treatment. During a public hearing at the Workplace Relations Committee, she expressed her dissatisfaction with being sidelined from her duties and excluded from key decisions and communications; an experience that was particularly alarming given the weight Ogle lost while facing severe physical health challenges during his battle with cancer.

How is social media coping with Ogle’s absence?

Following the industrial agreement on September 11, 2022, there was a great deal of public outrage and speculation on social media regarding Ogle’s whereabouts and silence. Similar to past incidents encountered by Apollo House housing activists, La Combre expressed her concern that Ogle might become the subject of online trolling; therefore, she issued an official public statement through Facebook in an attempt to clarify and prevent negative responses to her husband’s silence and mitigate any misunderstandings related to his absence from their lives.

What does La Combre think of Unite’s response to Ogle’s rehabilitation?

La Combre complained on Facebook (later provided as evidence in court) that Unite was not as happy about Ogle’s recovery as she had expected. Her statement showed a serious lack of support and sympathy from Unite during Ogle’s difficult recovery process.

What changes have been suggested for Ogle’s character?

Lacombre testified that Dundalk management had attempted to reassign her husband, Ogle, from his current position and blocked him from key staff and activist meetings, further suggesting that there may be an effort within the union to marginalize him given his past commitment and contributions to Dundalk. She accused Dundalk staff of holding improper meetings regarding Ogle, resulting in him being excluded from key communications and decision-making processes that could have influenced key communications and decisions, and Ogle’s exclusion from key communications and decision-making processes was an indication of management’s attempt to marginalize him despite his long-standing commitment and contributions to Dundalk Staff Union Local 725.

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What will the court’s ruling be?

The Workplace Relations Commission will serve as an impartial forum to fully review and address these allegations, which will not only affect those involved, but also set a precedent for how unions handle similar situations in the future. In addition, this case raises important questions about organizational support, workplace inclusion and the treatment of employees following serious illness.

This case highlights the importance of unions as protectors and advocates of workers’ rights, and unions have consistently demonstrated support for their members, especially during times of personal crisis or vulnerability. As the court reviews the evidence and testimony presented at the hearing, many will be watching closely to see how justice will be served in a situation where the principles of union protection and support are under attack.

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