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David Tepper, owner of the NFL’s Carolina Panthers and Major League Soccer’s Charlotte FC, was filmed throwing drinks at fans seated below his box at EverBank Stadium in Jacksonville on Sunday. The incident occurred at a time when the Panthers had an NFL-worst 2-14 record and were losing to the Jaguars 26-0, which exacerbated the frustration of fans who were celebrating the big win. Tepper, 66, who has three children with Marlene Tepper, faces a hefty $300,000 fine from the NFL for the infraction. While that’s a lot of money to most people, as Tepper’s net worth is estimated at $20 billion, for someone worth $50,000, the fine is the equivalent of 75 cents.

Regret but not apologize

Despite being fined, Tepper responded with regret rather than an apology. “I am passionate about this organization and regret my actions on Sunday,” Tepper said in a statement released Tuesday. “I should have let NFL stadium security handle any issues that arose. I respect the NFL’s code of conduct and accept the league’s punishment for my actions.” His statement emphasized regret for his actions but did not directly apologize to fans or the league, reflecting his deep dissatisfaction with the team’s performance.

Houston Stables Owner

Tepper’s behavior stands in stark contrast to Houston’s sports franchise owners, who have a reputation for stability and sanity. The city’s owners, including Cal McNair of the Texans, Tilman Fertitta of the Rockets, Jim Crane of the Astros and Ted Siegel of the Dynamo, are known for their passion and dedication to their teams. Although they are deeply frustrated by the losses, they have managed to avoid publicly venting their emotions like Tepper did. Fertitta, for example, has publicly said that as the owner of the Rockets, losing games is more frustrating than any business loss, but he has expressed his frustration privately rather than publicly.

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Learn from your mistakes

Cal McNair, in particular, has come a long way as a team owner. He received his fair share of criticism when he took over the Texans from his father. However, he has shown a willingness to learn from his mistakes and make necessary changes. McNair hires and trusts capable people to run the team, following the lead of his father, Bob McNair. Lately, he has become more involved in the day-to-day operations of the team, a move that has yielded positive results that have surprised many. Under his leadership, the Texans have made strategic hires, including head coach DeMeco Ryans and draft phenoms C.J. Stroud and Will Anderson II, which have significantly improved the team’s performance.

Fertitta’s Commitment

Houston Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta is another dedicated and passionate owner. Fertitta’s financial investment and emotional commitment to the team is evident. He remains focused on building a competitive roster despite the team’s struggles in recent years. Fertitta’s ownership approach emphasizes long-term success over immediate gratification. He participates in key decisions and supports his team through tough times, demonstrating a balanced and strategic approach to sports management.

Crane’s winning formula

Houston Astros owner Jim Crane has been instrumental in building the team into a consistent contender. Under his leadership, the Astros have achieved tremendous success, including multiple playoff appearances and a World Series title. Crane’s business acumen and strategic decision-making abilities have played a key role in creating a winning culture within the organization. His ability to hire and retain top talent both on and off the field has set a high standard for sports ownership in Houston.

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Siegel’s Dynamo Revival

New Houston Dynamo owner Ted Siegel has also made a positive impact. Since purchasing the team, Siegel has worked to revitalize the franchise, both in terms of on-field performance and fan engagement. His efforts have led the Dynamo to its first playoff appearance since 2017, boding well for the club’s future. Siegel’s proactive attitude and commitment to improving the team’s fortunes has resonated strongly with fans and the community.

McNair’s Redemption

Cal McNair’s journey as owner of the Texans has been one of redemption. After initially facing skepticism, he has demonstrated a commitment to hiring the right people and supporting his employees. The Texans’ recent turnaround, culminating in a division title, is a testament to McNair’s effective leadership. By empowering his executives and coaches, McNair has fostered a culture of accountability and performance that has laid the foundation for the Texans’ continued success.

in conclusion

David Tepper’s recent outbursts stand in stark contrast to Houston’s calm, strategic team owners. The city’s sports franchise owners, including Cal McNair, Tilman Fertitta, Jim Crane and Ted Siegel, have demonstrated that passion and frustration can be channeled constructively. Their combined efforts have created a winning environment for Houston’s sports teams, highlighting the importance of stable and visionary leadership to achieve long-term success. While Tepper deals with the consequences of his actions, Houston’s owners continue to set a high standard for professionalism and dedication in sports management.

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