What is David Bedford Net Worth 2024: Wiki, Real Name, Age, Height, Family

Have you ever wondered about David Bedford’s net worth in 2024? This British music legend not only shaped the sound of the UK but also left a lasting legacy. Join us as we dive into his life and achievements.

Quick information

Real nameDavid Vickerman Bedford
Popular nameDavid Bedford
Date of birthAugust 4, 1937
Age passes74
ParentsLeslie Bedford, Lesley Duff
SiblingsSteuart Bedford
Place of birthLondon, United Kingdom
Nationdo not apply
EducationRoyal Academy of Music, Lancing College
Marital statusMarried
Sexual orientationdo not apply
Wife/Wife/husbandSusan Pilgrim, Allison Powell and Maureen Parsonage
Datingdo not apply
Net valuedo not apply
Origin of wealthComposing music, performing, teaching
Heightdo not apply

What is David Bedford’s net worth in 2024?

What is David Bedford's net worth in 2024?

Although specifics about David Bedford’s net worth at the time of his death in 2011 were as elusive as the catchy melody of a composer’s dreams, it was clear that he was not in on the same financial level as rock stars with commercial hits.

Compared to contemporaries such as Kevin Ayers, Sally and Mike Oldfield, and Maddy Prior—who each forged their own successful paths in music with notable commercial success—his financial story Bedford is gentler, emphasizing the value of avant-garde songwriting and musical education rather than chart-topping hits.

His collaboration with Mike Oldfield on Tubular Bells and other projects certainly bolstered his reputation and may have eased his finances, but detailed figures on his wealth he remains a mystery.

His true worth lies in his contributions to music and education, which are not easily quantified by net worth.

David Bedford Full Overview and Wiki

Early life and musical background

David Bedford was born on August 4, 1937 in Hendon, Middlesex, England, into a family with a deep musical tradition.

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His grandfather was a composer, his grandmother was a composer and singer, his father was an inventor, and his mother was a soprano opera singer. This environment nurtured his early passion for music, laying the foundation for his future discoveries.

Bedford’s formal music education was both prestigious and formative. He studied at the Royal Academy of Music under Lennox Berkeley, and later his horizons broadened under Luigi Nono in Venice.

Experiences under such diverse guidance helped shape Bedford’s unique approach to music, combining traditional techniques with avant-garde elements.

Composer, educator and innovator

Composer, educator and innovator

Bedford’s career began in the late 1960s and early 1970s, a period marked by intense creativity and innovation in the music industry. The Composer in Residence role at Queen’s College, London, is just the beginning.

He ventured into the world of teaching, imparting his knowledge at several secondary schools in London and, later, making a significant contribution to music education through his work with the English Sinfonia and with as a Founding Fellow of the PRS for Music Foundation.

His compositions during this time were groundbreaking. Bedford is not afraid to experiment with unique instruments and techniques.

His work on Kevin Ayers’ Joy of a Toy album and subsequent involvement with Ayers’ band demonstrated his ability to combine different musical styles seamlessly.

This period also saw his fruitful collaboration with Mike Oldfield on Tubular Bells, which not only brought progressive rock into the mainstream but also highlighted Bedford’s orchestral genius.

Breaking boundaries in music

Bedford’s influence extended beyond the conventional limits of musical composition and performance. His pioneering classics, such as With 100 Kazoos, reflect his interest in engaging audiences in new and unique ways.

This interest in the avant-garde paralleled his contributions to music education, where he developed compositions that allowed children and non-traditional musicians to participate in music making, thereby democratize the art form.

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His leadership roles, including time as President of the Performing Rights Association, have demonstrated his commitment to supporting the wider music community.

Bedford’s advocacy for composers and musicians ensured that his impact was felt not only in concert halls and classrooms but also in policies governing music rights and education.

Personal life

His personal life is as rich and diverse as his musical career. He has a deep love of science fiction, is an avid astronomer, and enjoys cricket — interests that frequently appear in his work.

Bedford’s life was marked by a passion for exploring the unknown, whether through the universe or imaginative stories. He died of lung cancer in October 2011, leaving his estate to his third wife, seven children, and brother Steuart.

His impact on music and education continues to be celebrated, including with performances of his works, ensuring his creative spirit lives on.

Legacy and influence

He passed away on October 1, 2011, leaving behind a legacy that continues to inspire musicians and composers. His explorations of genres, commitment to education, and innovative composition techniques have cemented his place in the annals of music.

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Frequently asked questions about David Bedford

Who is David Bedford?

He is an English composer and musician known for his works in both popular and classical music. Born in 1937 in London, he had a prolific career spanning several decades.

What are some notable works of David Bedford?

Among his many compositions, notable works include Stars End, The Odyssey and Guide for Angels. He also composed music for film and television, such as House of Mystery and Hammer suspense.

Does Bedford collaborate with other famous musicians?

Yes, Bedford has collaborated with a variety of artists, including Mike Oldfield, for whom he arranged the Tubular Bells orchestra, and other musicians such as Elvis Costello and Billy Bragg.

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What is Bedford’s approach to music education?

Bedford was deeply involved in music education, composing works that could be performed by children and those without conventional music reading skills. He also held positions as Composer in Residence at Queen’s College, London.

Does Bedford work on any educational projects?

He composed many works specifically for educational purposes, including Seascapes and Tales from Dreamtime, which included collaborations with schoolchildren and even deaf children.

How did Bedford contribute to film and television?

Bedford has written scores for several films and television series, including The Killing Fields and Absolute Beginners. His work also appeared in television series such as Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense.

What unique elements did Bedford incorporate into his works?

Bedford is known for incorporating unusual elements such as graphic scores and audience participation (e.g. playing kazoos in With 100 Kazoos) into his compositions, making his work accessible. reach and attract more audiences.

Where did Bedford learn music?

He studied at the Royal Academy of Music under Lennox Berkeley and then in Venice under Luigi Nono, which significantly influenced his avant-garde musical style.

What is David Bedford’s musical style?

Bedford’s style is eclectic, blending elements of avant-garde, classical, pop and progressive rock. This versatility allows him to reach a wide audience.

When did David Bedford die?

He died on October 1, 2011 in England. His death marked the end of an important and influential career in music education and composition.


As we wrap up our exploration of David Bedford’s net worth, it’s clear that his impact goes far beyond the numbers. A true British Music Legend, his contributions to the world of music will forever be celebrated at svlsf.edu.vn.

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