David Sharatz’s first wife, discover all the facts here

Brittany Higgins, who accused former colleague Bruce Lehrman of raping her in Parliament House, gave graphic testimony in court. Her fiancé David Sharatz supported her but often stayed outside the courtroom, unwilling to witness her testimony. Higgins has had a difficult time, with her high-profile social media presence and frequent court appearances bringing her to the spotlight.

The couple’s life and relocation plans

Recently, it was revealed that Higgins and Sharatz are considering moving to the south of France. They have hired a language tutor and a gardener for their property in a small village near Bordeaux, indicating that they intend to start a new life away from the close scrutiny of the Australian media.

Social media presence and public perception

Over the past year, Higgins has shared snippets of their lavish lifestyle on Instagram, showcasing trips to Paris, the Maldives and snowy mountains. The public displays have attracted a great deal of attention, interweaving their personal lives with their ongoing legal battles and public discussions.

David Sharatz’s Personal Struggles and Roles

David Salads had faced significant personal struggles before he met Higgins, including battles with alcohol and mental health issues. His journey from battling depression to becoming a key figure in supporting Higgins has been a rocky one. Salads is often referred to as the “puppet master” of the media campaign supporting Higgins’ allegations against Lehrman.

Professional background and media acumen

Sharaz began his media career in various roles, including as a cash cow on the Seven channel’s Sunrise show. His career took him to various positions in television and radio, ultimately becoming a political journalist and media consultant. His strategic use of media relations played a vital role in amplifying the spread of Higgins’ story.

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Sharaz’s First Marriage and Personal Losses

Sharatz was married to Alexandra Craig, a Treasury adviser, but the couple separated after two years. Shortly after the marriage, his adoptive father died, which had a great impact on him and caused him to become mentally ill. His experience shaped his current outlook on life and his relationship with Higgins.

Meeting Brittany Higgins

Sharads met Higgins while working as an advisor to then-Attorney General Michaelia Cash. Their relationship began with a chance Instagram message, which led to a deeper connection. Sharads’ support for Higgins remained unwavering, especially as the allegations against her were widely reported in the media.

Media and political relations

Sharatz used his media and political connections to arrange key interviews and meetings for Higgins. He facilitated her appearance on “The Project” and coordinated with influential figures such as Labor Senator Katie Gallagher. These efforts were designed to maximize the impact of Higgins’ allegations against Lehrman.

Ongoing legal battles and public reaction

The legal battle against Lehrman has received much attention, and Lehrman has denied all allegations. Sharatz has been by Higgins’ side, supporting her through intense scrutiny and legal challenges. Their coordinated media strategy has drawn both support and criticism.

Future plans for France

Amid the ongoing legal battle, Sharatz and Higgins plan to move to the French countryside. Sharatz recently posted on a Facebook group for English-speaking residents of the Dordogne region that they are working to settle in Lune, near Bordeaux. The move would represent a major shift in their lives, seeking a more private and peaceful environment.

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in conclusion

Brittany Higgins and David Sharatz’s lives have been under intense scrutiny as Higgins’s allegations against Bruce Lehrman have received high-profile attention. Their journeys have been filled with personal struggles, media maneuvers, and public scrutiny, and now lead them to a new chapter in France. Their story continues to develop as they navigate the complexities of their public and private lives.

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