Drew Bledsoe’s wife is known to everyone as his wife Maura Bledsoe

Drew Bledsoe, the former New England Patriots quarterback, is widely respected for his performance and contributions on the field, but many are not familiar with his personal and professional life — especially his wife, Maura Bledsoe, who played an integral role in both his personal and professional life.

Who is Maura Bledsoe?

Oregon native Mora has been a pillar of support for Drew since he first entered the NFL in 1995. The two officially tied the knot in May 1996, when Drew’s career was at its peak. Mora has been a vital support for him from his football career at Washington State University to his career with the New England Patriots.

How has Mora supported Drew throughout his NFL career?

Maura was more than just a supportive spouse; she was there for Drew every step of his NFL journey. From making Super Bowl history with the Patriots in 1996 to facing new challenges on and off the field. Maura was always there to provide guidance, advice and support.

What are some of Mora and Drew Bledsoe’s business ventures?

After leaving the NFL, Drew and Maura entered the wine industry through Bledsoe Family Winery in Walla Walla, Washington, and their vineyards showcased premium wines, just as Drew did during his NFL career, and they opened Doubleback Winery and later McQueen Winery, which focused on premium Cabernet Sauvignon varietals.

What role did Mora play in Drew’s post-playing career?

Maura has left an indelible mark on Drew’s post-playing career. As business partners, she and Drew have successfully navigated the complexities of the wine industry while building a respected and beloved brand that resonates with consumers. Their combined efforts have not only led to commercial success, but have also allowed them to reconnect with their roots while giving back to the community.

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in conclusion

Maura Bledsoe has played a vital role in Drew Bledsoe’s life since his NFL career began; supporting him during his football career and participating in business endeavors afterward. Their journey from the football field to Walla Walla vineyards is a testament to their strong partnership and entrepreneurial passion.

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