Fantasia Barrino’s husband, know what makes their relationship so special?

Renowned artist Fantasia Barrino, also an American Idol alum, not only impressed the audience with her powerful voice, but also wrote a heartwarming love story with Kendall Taylor. Their story, filled with instant connection, family expansion, and business ventures, is a modern love story that many people love.

How did Fantasia meet her soul mate?

Fantasia and Kendall Taylor’s first encounter took place in their hometown of North Carolina, marking the beginning of their whirlwind romance. Although they grew up two hours apart in their respective hometowns, Fantasia from High Point and Kendall from Gastonia, their paths crossed in a chance encounter that soon led to their lifelong union. The couple’s courthouse wedding three weeks after their initial meeting in 2015 was a testament to their instant and deep connection.

What makes their relationship so special?

The most striking and unique thing about Fantasia and Kendall’s friendship is their mutual admiration and support. Both openly express their admiration and love for each other, often posting about their achievements and love on social networks. Their relationship is not only built on love and affection for each other, but also on a solid foundation of supporting each other in their professional and personal endeavors.

In 2022, the couple decided to collaborate on a book about relationships titled No Crown in the Castle: Building Strong Relationships and Harmonious Lives. The book offers faith-based and biblical relationship advice, reflecting their commitment to helping others improve their relationships while sharing their own experiences and lessons.

How did they blend their families?

Family plays a big role in Fantasia and Kendall’s lives. In May 2021, the couple welcomed their first child, whom they named Keziah Taylor. Fantasia is also the mother of Dallas Xavier and Zion Quari, both from her previous relationship. Kendall also has one child, Treyshaun, from her previous relationship. Kendall is enjoying his role as a grandparent, having thrown a party to celebrate his son’s twins, Trey and Xavier, emphasizing that this large family and blended family relationship is a blessing in their lives.

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What professional collaborations do they have?

Besides their personal lives, Fantasia and Kendall also collaborate professionally. They own a record label, Rock Soul Entertainment. Rock Soul Entertainment symbolizes their passion for business and music. This collaboration is part of their overall strategy to leave a legacy not only for their own family, but also for the music industry.

What has Kendall been recognized for lately?

In June 2023, Kendall Taylor was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Texas Theological Seminary Christian University in Dallas, an extraordinary personal achievement. Fantasia was overjoyed and filled with joy and gratitude for this achievement, which also recognized his passion and contributions to the local community. This award is a testament to Kendall’s impact outside of the entertainment industry and his work in the fields of education and community leadership.

in conclusion

Fantasia Barrino and Kendall Taylor’s love story is a modern love story, woven with themes of instant connection and family values, mutual support, and professional collaboration. Their story shows how relationships can thrive through individual and shared achievements. As they grow professionally and personally, their story will continue to serve as an example of hope for many, demonstrating the importance of faith, love, and determination in creating a life that lasts.

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