Flaus Electric Water Flosser – What We Know So Far!

It’s no secret that flossing is essential, but few people really take it seriously enough. But now that we have Flaus, the first eco-friendly electric flosser, there’s no reason to throw away your floss. Founder Samantha Coxe recently pitched her company on Shark Tank and landed a deal with Candace Nelson. Flaus is valued at $5 million by 2024.

Samantha’s Backstory

The Flaus uses sonic vibrations and can be used at multiple speed levels like an electric toothbrush. You can charge it and then swap out its replaceable brush heads for new ones.

Sam made her product as convenient as possible because she understood the difficulty of manually flossing. Before launching her idea to the world, she had never flossed before. When she had 9 cavities filled, flossing took its toll on her.

Founding Flaus

After racking up huge dental bills, the New York native decided to improve her flossing habits. Sam found a better way to take care of her teeth, and she thought it was a smart idea. She co-founded the product with Ellie Hansen, who left the company in 2023.

After creating hundreds of prototypes and finally settling on the idea, Cox quit her stable job as a lawyer at a well-known firm. Sam invested $80,000 of her own money, and friends and family provided her with $2 million in support.

The aspiring entrepreneur also raised $345,000 on IndieGoGo, reaching its funding goal in just three hours. The DTC brand later closed a $2 million seed round led by Yeti Capital, bringing its total funding to $4 million.

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Unbeknownst to many of the startup’s top backers, Cox had wanted to swim with the Sharks from the moment the show launched. In the Season 15 finale, she finally got her chance.

Post-Shark Tank

As a former M&A lawyer, Samantha is used to talking business with wealthy investors, which was evident in the pitch. Although the episode had just aired, the startup was supposed to do at least $100,000 in sales in the following week. Typically, the first 48 hours after a show airs are the craziest. Cox wasn’t as well prepared because she only recently learned her show was going to air.

At $119, the floss kit may seem a bit pricey, but this product flosses five times faster and more efficiently than traditional dental floss. Their starter kit has an average of 4.6 stars out of 411 reviews. They are currently discounted at GoFlaus.com and their Amazon store.

You can buy recyclable Flaus brush head replacements for $19. Customers can save a few bucks if they subscribe to their service or buy additional sets. Attracting repeat orders for replacements is critical to long-term success. Competition is slowly heating up as Slate now sells electric water flossers.

Flaus has taken calculated risks with growth, trying to create new products for customers while staying as lean as possible. Samantha plans to stick with the aesthetic dental space and reach the 70% of Americans who don’t floss regularly. The company has 16 employees in the U.S. and will be hiring more in the next six months, according to LinkedIn.

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