Harrison Butker Academy, how was the audience reaction?

Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker created a storm of controversy when he gave a graduation speech at Benedictine College on May 11. The speech touched on many sensitive issues such as abortion, in vitro fertilization (IVF), surrogacy and gender roles, sparking a backlash on various social media platforms and drawing criticism from prominent figures.

What did Harrison Butker say?

Battek began his speech to the graduating class by calling out female students and congratulating them on their achievements, but quickly pivoted to criticizing what he called the “pernicious lies told to women.” His comments touched on topics ranging from reproductive rights to career aspirations, suggesting that certain societal beliefs on those topics were wrong.

The NFL player didn’t stop there, as he also addressed the male graduates, discussing the role of men in the family and community, and strongly opposing the notion that men are useless in these areas.

How did the audience react?

Reactions from the live audience were mixed, with some attendees expressing support and others appearing uncomfortable or disapproving. However, the broader reaction was predominantly negative, particularly on social media, where snippets and quotes from the speech were widely circulated.

What was the reaction?

After the speech, former Kansas City Commissioner Judge Horn criticized Butker, noting that he was inconsistent with the values ​​of Kansas City, which is known for its inclusive stance toward the LGBTQ+ community. Similarly, OutSports released a statement condemning Butker’s remarks, specifically criticizing him for linking to a Taylor Swift song and then making traditionalist remarks about the role of women in society.

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Why did this speech cause controversy?

Battek’s speech was controversial both for its content and the context in which it was delivered. Commencement speeches are usually intended to encourage and unite graduates, focusing on their achievements and their futures. However, Battek’s speech added divisive social and political criticisms that are generally considered irrelevant to such an occasion. In addition, he touched a sensitive nerve for many people by directly addressing very personal and controversial issues such as abortion and the roles of men and women in society.

in conclusion

Harrison Batke’s commencement address at Benedictine College reminded us that language can have a huge impact, especially in large systems. The debate highlighted the importance of context and the need to be sensitive when discussing highly polarized topics. It also highlighted the ongoing debate in society about gender roles, reproductive rights, and the inclusion of diverse viewpoints in public discussion.

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