Heidi Klum’s son Henry said you did it at 18

Former Project Runway host Heidi Klum took to Instagram on Friday, June 7, to share a touching moment from her 18-year-old son Henry’s high school graduation. Klum and husband Tom Kaulitz attended the ceremony. Klum expressed her pride in a heartfelt caption: “Congratulations Henry. We are all so proud of you❤️. You did it my sweet son. We’re off to college 🥳🎉 Shine bright❤️.”

Graduation Highlights

In the first video, Henry, wearing a graduation gown and cap, stands on stage to receive his high school diploma. The auditorium is filled with cheers from Crum and others. Henry poses for photos and walks off the stage, passing Crum, who enthusiastically shouts, “Yes, Henry – wow!” In another video, Henry walks out of the hall with other graduates, responding gratefully to Crum’s cheers, “Thank you!”

Family support

The final video from the ceremony showed a beaming Klum in the audience with Kaulitz, 34, holding her arm. Klum posted a video on her Instagram Stories showing her smiling in her car on the way to Henry’s graduation, captioned with an animated “Happy Graduation” and wearing a sparkly graduation cap. She also shared a video of Kaulitz at the ceremony, highlighting the supportive and joyful atmosphere at the ceremony.

Celebration Banquet

After the ceremony, Klum posted a photo of a celebratory dinner with Henry, her husband, and her other children: John, 17, Lou, 14, and Lainey.

The 20-year-old, who lives with her ex-husband Seal, was also joined by friends at the celebration, who all sat at one table. Klum captioned the photo: “Celebrating Henry ❤️🥰🎉.” The dinner was filled with fun and laughter, emphasizing the closeness of the family.

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An intimate look

Klum continued to share snaps from the celebration on Instagram Stories, including one featuring balloons for Henry that read, “Congratulations on Graduation.” She also uploaded a photo of her plate of dessert and a sweet video of her hugging Henry outdoors. The intimate snaps gave fans a glimpse into the joyous occasion and showed the family’s pride and happiness.

Birthday celebration

Klum’s son Henry’s graduation came a week after she turned 51 on June 1. To celebrate, Klum posted photos of herself enjoying a birthday meal with her family. One photo showed Klum as a newborn with her mother, Erna Klum, adding a nostalgic touch to the celebration. The dual celebrations of Henry’s graduation and Klum’s birthday highlighted a time of reflection and joy for the family.

Important Milestones

Graduation is a major milestone for Henry, marking his transition from high school to college. Krumm celebrates his birthday with his family, highlighting their close bond. These events provide a great opportunity for family to come together and celebrate their achievements and their love for one another.

Overwhelming support

Klum’s post sparked an outpouring of congratulations from fans and followers. The celebratory mood was palpable, with many expressing their joy and admiration for Henry’s accomplishments and Klum’s supportive role as a mother. The posts also showcased the love and unity within the family, highlighting Klum’s ability to balance her professional and personal life.

Inspirational Journey

Heidi Klum has always been outspoken about her family life, often sharing special moments with her children on social media. Her journey as a mother and successful professional woman continues to inspire many. Recent celebrations are a testament to her dedication to her family and her ability to balance her professional and personal life. Klum’s openness and honesty about her experiences serve as an inspiration to her fans and followers.

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New beginning

As Henry prepares for his college journey, Klum and her family are looking forward to new beginnings and continued success. The support and love of her family and fans will no doubt continue to be a source of strength and encouragement for her. The celebration marks the beginning of a new chapter filled with hope and excitement for Henry and the entire family.

in conclusion

All in all, Heidi Klum’s recent Instagram posts perfectly captured the joy of her son Henry’s high school graduation and the subsequent celebration. The event was a heartfelt family event filled with love, pride, and unity. As Klum and her family reach new milestones, fans are eagerly awaiting more clips of their journey, celebrating each step along the way. Klum’s ability to share these special moments with her fans not only highlights her personal joy, but also the importance of family and support in achieving success and happiness.

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