Helen Worth Corrie, Coronation Street star

Helen Worth, one of British TV’s longest-running actors, plans to exit ITV’s long-running soap Coronation Street at the end of the year. She has played Gail Rodwell (born Gail Platt) since 1974. Her exit marks the end of an era for her character and the soap. Worth, who will be on the show for 50 years next month, is known for playing characters whose lives are full of dramatic thrillers.

What shaped Helen’s career in Coronation Street?

Her character, Gail, has been the subject of many memorable episodes of the show over the past 50 years. The show has featured many harrowing and controversial plotlines, including being forced down stairs, suffering a false imprisonment and coping with her daughter’s pregnancy, which sparked a major debate in the 2000 episode. In addition, Gail’s tragic relationship with serial killer Richard Hillman made the show one of the most emotional events of 2003. The show’s huge audience numbers caused a surge in electricity to the national grid.

Why is Helen worth leaving now?

Helen Worth decided that her golden birthday on the show was the ideal time for her exit, saying it couldn’t come at a better time after “celebrating 50 years of the most wonderful job on the most wonderful street in the world”. The actress’ departure follows conversations with the show’s producers at the start of the year, who they say were very supportive of her choice. Worth’s departure will coincide with an exciting storyline for the Platt family, which they expect will have a profound impact on the show’s narrative.

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How did the public react to her departure?

The passing of Wass was met with a mixture of sadness and gratitude, as well as recognition of her important contribution to the series and British television. Ian MacLeod, executive producer of Coronation Street, praised Wass, calling her a legend and an icon who was essential to the portrayal of Gayle. Wass’s contribution was recognised in 2022 when she was awarded an MBE for her work on the series.

How has Coronation Street changed recently?

Coronation Street has been criticised recently for the quality of its plots, with former cast member Maureen Lipman making some striking comments about the show’s focus, which is mainly on social issues. New director Kate Brooks (formerly of Emmerdale) could change the direction of the show. His departure from the show is one of the most significant changes under Brooks’ direction, and could herald a whole new phase for the soap.

What does the future hold for Helen Voss?

Helen Wass, 73, looks back on her time on Coronation Street with gratitude, highlighting the excellence of the writing and the skills of the cast and crew. As she prepares to leave, Wass admits she hasn’t quite come to terms with leaving yet, but is looking ahead to the next chapter of her journey. Entertainment industry professionals are eagerly anticipating her next move, whether it leads to more acting opportunities or a well-deserved retirement.

in conclusion

Helen Worth’s exit from Coronation Street not only represents the end of an era for one character, but also an opportunity to reflect on the show. As she leaves the show, she leaves behind an impressive legacy of storytelling and a significant mark on British pop culture. The final episode will be significant for both her co-stars and their fans, ensuring her departure is as memorable as her time on this legendary street.

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