How to Be a Redhead – From Niche Blog to Shark Tank Spotlight

How to Be a Redhead was created by sisters Adrian and Stephanie Vendetti, who found an interesting niche catering to redheads. They struck a deal with Mark Cuban, and How to Be a Redhead is now worth about $3 million.

The evolution of redheads

Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti turned their personal experiences into a global mission. Faced with the challenge of finding beauty products that worked for their hair and fair skin, they launched the brand in January 2011 to fill that gap.

They expanded from insightful blog posts to 16 products, including a “finally” brow/lash makeup line and a luxury H2BAR Box subscription service. The brand’s reach has helped them amass over a million monthly pageviews on their website.

The duo also has over 200,000 followers on their social media accounts and has a podcast. H2BAR’s main source of revenue is their e-commerce store, but they have also done sponsored giveaways and hosted events in the past. According to, they have 12 employees.

Shark Tank Legends

The Vendetti sisters’ pitch on Shark Tank was a pivotal moment for the company. Getting on the show out of 350,000 to 40,000 applicants was an accomplishment. Although the strong candidates had dyed their bright red hair a lighter color, the sisters, wearing pink dresses, pitched with confidence. They also achieved impressive sales, which surprised the Shark Tank crew.

What’s Next After Shark Tank

Sales of How to Be a Redhead have increased significantly since the Shark Tank episode, although exact sales figures are still unreleased. Giving out wigs to the Sharks was a smart move, and the episode will help to garner more attention after the show airs. Despite the good publicity, some fans pointed out that the products are expensive.

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Even with the hefty price tag, the continued growth of the subscription service shows promise. Their commitment to empowering redheads has fostered a loyal community. The company also used to host “Rock It Like A Redhead” events, but they haven’t held them in years! Maybe they can start those up again!

Customer Reviews

Reviews on Amazon reflect the brand’s success in fulfilling its mission. Consumers appreciate its tailored approach to beauty, highlighting the quality of its products. How to Be a Redhead products are available through its website and Amazon.

Market size and demographics

The market for beauty products specifically for redheads is niche, but significant. According to Wikipedia, an estimated 1-2% of the global population has red hair, and a portion of that number is men, which makes things difficult. This demographic is more than just a matter of numbers; it’s about satisfying a unique set of beauty needs and preferences, which is where How to Be a Redhead comes in handy.

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