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Amellia Bonnici, 32, has been a staunch figure in the life of her husband, former NRL star Jarryd Hayne, who was recently sentenced to a minimum of three years and eight months in prison for sexual assault. Bonnici’s unwavering support has been crucial in helping her navigate the challenges in their relationship, supporting Hayne throughout his legal troubles. The couple have a four-year-old daughter, Beliviah Ivy, who was born in December 2016. Despite the turmoil, Bonnici’s dedication to her family and her resilience are evident in her actions. Jarryd Hayne, 36, has had his net worth impacted by his legal issues and now faces a future in prison, while Bonnici has taken on the role of primary caregiver for their daughter.

Support in times of adversity

In 2016, Bonnic met Hayne, a pivotal moment in their lives. Their relationship quickly became serious, and soon after, their daughter, Beliviah Ivy, came into the world. Bonnic has consistently shown strength and loyalty in Hayne’s court appearances. Even when Hayne has faced serious charges and legal battles, her support has always been steadfast. Bonnic’s resilience has been a source of strength for her family during these difficult times.

Facing legal challenges

Hayne’s legal troubles began with a sexual assault charge that culminated in a recent conviction. On Thursday, he was sentenced for sexually assaulting a 26-year-old woman. The victim detailed the assault in a victim impact statement, saying she felt “dirty and violated.” After a seven-day retrial, the jury deliberated for three days before convicting Hayne after the first trial ended in a hung jury. Bonnic was by Hayne’s side throughout the trial and was often seen holding his hand as he left the courtroom.

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Mother’s resilience

Now that Hein is incarcerated, Bonnici faces the challenge of raising her daughter, Bellivia Ivy, without her father. Bonnici’s commitment to her family is unwavering, highlighting her resilience and dedication. Despite the odds, she continues to provide a stable and loving environment for her daughter. Bonnici’s strength is a testament to her character, and she has navigated this challenging time with grace and determination.

Relationship Test

The couple’s relationship has been tested numerous times. They met in 2016 after Hayne returned from the NFL and soon became parents. Despite some time apart, they managed to maintain their affection for each other. Their relationship was tested by Hayne’s 2019 civil rape lawsuit, a period that brought a great deal of stress and public attention. Hayne had faced sexual assault charges in California in 2015 while playing for the San Francisco 49ers. The lawsuit was settled privately and the charges were dismissed. Despite these issues, Bonnic and Hayne remained together, celebrating their engagement on Christmas Day.

Short Engagement

Their engagement was brief, lasting only four weeks, before they secretly married on January 26. The wedding took place at the Pullman Magenta Shores resort with only 50 guests in attendance. The couple announced their marriage on Instagram, with Hayne expressing gratitude for their shared experiences. The marriage comes at a time when Hayne is facing significant personal and legal challenges, with Bonnici standing firmly by his side.

Career Impact

Hayne’s conviction has had a profound impact on his career, which has been on hold since 2018 due to legal issues. Hayne was temporarily separated from his Parramatta teammates following an investigation by the New South Wales Sex Crimes Squad. He later handed himself in to police and was released on bail. During this time, Hayne attended missionary courses in Western Australia, living in dormitory-style accommodation and continued to maintain his innocence.

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Sports Connection

Even during his legal troubles, Hayne remained connected to sports. He was seen playing basketball and working out with his former teammates. Hayne also commented on sports events through his Twitter page, including insights on the NFL and the Eels. Despite his legal troubles, Hayne’s passion for sports never waned. His occasional public appearances and online activity kept him connected to his fans and the sports community.

Looking ahead

While Hein served his sentence, Bonnici continued to support her husband and focus on the well-being of their daughter. Her strength and dedication are a source of inspiration and highlight her commitment to her family. Despite the challenges she faced, Bonnici’s experience is a testament to her resilience and unwavering support for Hein. As she navigates this new reality, her focus remains on providing a loving and stable environment for their daughter, Bellivia Ivy.

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