Julius Malema’s wife is all about his partner Mantewa Matlala

Mantwa Matlala is best known as the spouse of Julius Malema, the militant leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in South Africa. She grew up in Seshego Township in Limpopo Province and was a quiet person compared to her husband’s dazzling political career. Matlala was a quiet person and there is no public information about her childhood and date of birth.

What is Mantwa Matlala’s educational background?

Mantwa Matlala’s education journey began in Seshego, Region 1, as a student at Capricorn High School. Her education journey did not end after graduating from secondary school. She continued her studies at university and then entered the workforce. While the details of her post-secondary education are not yet known, she has already carved out a career in accounting. She currently works as an accountant for a company in Johannesburg.

How did Mantewa Matlala and Julius Malema meet?

The friendship between Mantwa and Julius Malema grew from their shared experiences as schoolchildren in Limpopo. Over time, their friendship grew and culminated in a private wedding in Seshego on 27 December 2014. The ceremony was kept strictly confidential, reflecting their desire to remain private in their personal relationship.

How many children do Manteva and Julius Malema have?

Mantwa and Julius have three sons. Their family life is full of joy and harmony. Their son Munzhedzi was born in the autumn of 2016, and their second son Kopano was born in February this year. Julius Malema also has an older son, Ratanang, who was born in 2006 after an extramarital affair with Maropeng Ramohlale. They often share family photos on social media, showing the closeness and happiness of the family.

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What is the professional role of Mantwa Matlala?

Professionally, Mantwa Matlala is an accomplished financial accountant. She plays a key role in the company’s financial management in the Johannesburg office. Despite the demanding work schedule, she manages to balance her work responsibilities with her obligations as a mother and wife. Matlala is an example of a successful work-life balance.

How private is Mantwa Matlala’s life?

Manteva Matlala’s desire to remain private is in stark contrast to her husband’s public persona. She prefers to keep much of her personal life hidden from the media’s gaze. Her discretion allows her to maintain a sense of normalcy without the constant attention that public figures often receive in the media’s spotlight.

What changed after Manteva married Julius Malema?

Marriage to Julius Malema brought about a huge change in Manteva Matlala’s lifestyle. Always a private person, she was soon linked to a famous public figure. The changes in her life put her in the spotlight of media attention, especially reports about her family’s wealth and lifestyle. In 2018, the focus was on items she owned, such as a white Porsche Cayenne and a mansion in Johannesburg, which were believed to be linked to controversial figures such as Adriano Mazzotti. Despite the speculation, Manteva and Julius have not publicly responded to the allegations, insisting on protecting the privacy of their family.

All in all, Mantwa Matlala remains an enigmatic figure who has managed to juggle work and family obligations while also dealing with the difficulties that come with being engaged to one of South Africa’s most controversial leaders. Her ability to remain calm and quiet in such circumstances is a testament to her exceptional personal qualities.

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