Kudos to Diapers for how they are doing after Shark Tank!

The material of regular disposable diapers may not be suitable for babies. Kudos diapers are designed so that the part that touches the baby’s skin is all cotton. Founder Amrita Saigal pitched her product on Shark Tank and landed deals with Mark Cuban and Gwyneth Paltrow. Kudos is currently valued at $6 million.

Background of Amrita Saigal

Amrita Saigal grew up in India but moved to Los Angeles with her family. She studied mechanical engineering at MIT and later earned her MBA from Harvard Business School. Her educational background is impressive!

After college, she worked as a mechanical design engineer at Project & Gamble. In 2010, she made her first business venture by founding Saathi, a sustainable sanitary napkin made from banana trees. Four years later, Amrita was hired by Google as a Manufacturing Operations Manager.

Kudos Diaper Company founded

Amrita is passionate about combining sustainability with elegance. That’s how she was able to make her eco-friendly sanitary napkin company a success. As she entered her thirties, Saigal realized another problem many women faced: taking care of their children’s diapers.

Through innovative engineering, Amrita wanted to change the fact that conventional diapers use a lot of plastic. She developed a diaper made from 100% cotton to maximize comfort and reduce skin irritation.

Finding suppliers was a challenge, but once they were found, Kudos would launch in 2021. The company has a direct-to-consumer model and sells a monthly subscription service.

Appeared on Shark Tank

Due to the use of cotton, Amrita Saigal’s creations became the first and only brand of disposable baby diapers to receive the “Cotton Natural Seal” from Cotton Inc.

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The endorsement helped Kudos raise $3.2 million at a $12.5 million valuation from investors including April Underwood, XFund, SV Angel, Alpha Bridge Ventures and Underscore. Sharks generally don’t like companies raising money because their equity stakes could be diluted in the future.

The founder was contacted by the producers of Shark Tank and landed a spot on Season 14, Episode 10. Amrita made a strong pitch and impressed with $850,000 in annual sales.

After Shark Tank

Kudos has seen a surge in orders since the episode aired! They are projecting revenue of $4.5 million in 2023 and should be profitable. There is no evidence to confirm whether the deal with Cuban and Paltrow has been completed. Cuban does not list the company on his website.

In personal news, she had another baby, and when daughter Avni was born, she found out she would be on Shark Tank. It’s common for businesses to pitch products on Shark Tank but not be picked up for the show. Sometimes this can delay a deal because the show itself wants to know if the episode will air.

The sustainable diaper brand is only sold on its website, MyKudos.com. But as the company looks to scale, they may expand into retail. The company has no trouble attracting media attention and has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, and The Boston Globe.

The diaper received 14 votes on ThingTesting.com with an average rating of 4.9 stars. Amrita has a promising company with a valuation of $6 million. The Boston-based company is growing strongly and currently has 7 employees. Currently, Amrita is hiring a social media manager.

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