Landscape photography of the High Tatras

In this article I will mainly talk about our landscape photography trip in the High Tatras. How we found the perfect spot to photograph the sunrise.

First of all, this was not my first visit to the Tatra Mountains region, I have been here several times with friends. You can read more about it here.

landscape photography of the high tatras 1Scenery photography

The High Tatras are located on the border of Poland and Slovakia, with peaks reaching over 2000 meters in height. The weather here can be unpredictable and sometimes scary, so if you ever visit this mountain range, make sure you are well prepared with all the necessary hiking gear and landscape photography accessories.

Day 1 – Strobskaya Lake

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Our first stop was Strobsk Lake. It’s always freezing cold this time of year, but the light is spectacular. I’m pretty sure there were even some lenticular clouds in the sky, which form mainly when there’s a strong wind in the mountains. We got there on time, and the light was as spectacular as always. Okay, maybe it’s just me, but I always get lucky when I come here.

The lake is easily accessible by car, and there is a great hiking trail around it to explore the lake itself and those beautiful peaks. The whole area is very picturesque, so if you have a basic understanding of composition, you can capture beautiful landscape photos.

If you want to learn how to get the most out of your landscape photography photos, read the article here.

Although I took videos and photos, I couldn’t fly the drone due to the strong wind, which was quite a challenge for cold hands.

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Lake Poprad

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After a wonderful morning, we hiked to explore another great place – Lake Poprad. From the parking lot, the hike takes about 1 hour along the well-built asphalt trail. Unfortunately, due to the strong storms of the past few years, half of the trail is covered with destroyed trees, which makes the scenery a bit bleak. However, you can see the power of nature with your own eyes.

On the way, we reached the forest and I shot more footage for the planned video. We continued to the lake where we rested and refueled. We were very tired and hungry since we left Budapest around 1am to watch the sunrise at the lake. Majlath Chata is a perfect place for tired hikers.

Day 2 – Peninsky Nature Park

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Our base has always been Zdiyar, a small village in the eastern Tatra Mountains. From here there are many good hiking trails and it is close to the Polish border.

landscape photography of the high tatras 2Sunrise Light – Gabor Boszormenyi

We woke up early in the morning hoping to catch the sunrise. I had been thinking about a perfect spot for years but couldn’t find it the last time we were there. Pieninsky Nature Park is about half an hour’s drive from Zdiyar and can be easily reached on foot.

We were lucky this time and finally found this perfect spot. With the hills in the foreground and the Tatra Mountains in the background, it was guaranteed to be a great photo.

landscape photography of the high tatras 3High Tatras – Gabor Boszormenyi

Luckily, the weather was calm that day so I was even able to fly my drone and take some photos and videos of the location.

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When we left the apartment, the sky was overcast and grey. When we arrived at our destination, the sky began to clear up and the sun began to rise, lighting up the mountains. The rising sun cast an orange glow on the distant peaks.

It was a wonderful weekend that we will always remember.

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