Lea Thompson’s husband meets director Howard Deutch

Fabulous is a beloved 80s film that still holds a place in the hearts of its fans. Written and directed by Howard Deutch, with a screenplay by the legendary John Hughes, the film not only focuses on an innocent teenage love story, but also serves as a vital part of the careers of all the actors involved, including Lea Thompson. We explore how Thompson’s involvement in the film was more than just a casting decision; it was an unexpected event that changed lives and career paths.

How did Lea Thompson become part of “Fantastic”?

Getting Lea Thompson to star in Fabulous was a bit of a challenge. Initially, several other actresses were considered for the role. But director Howard Deitch stood by his decision and stood firm behind Thompson. Not only was this choice ethical, but it was also important because it led to a friendship between the actress and the director.

Deitch insisted on casting Thompson, which influenced the direction of the film and their lives. The bond that developed between them was perfectly interpreted on and off the screen. Their friendship continued to deepen as they worked together, and they eventually married in 1989.

How did Thompson influence the film?

Howard Deutch has publicly stated that Lea Thompson influenced the overall tone of the film. According to him, her presence and performance were key to defining the film’s narrative and emotional storyline. Thompson’s performance gave the film depth and nuance that was essential in changing the tone of the film to more effectively resonate with the audience.

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Additionally, Thompson’s involvement in the casting also influenced other decisions made by the director, further shaping the dynamic of the film. Thompson’s insights and suggestions during the production and casting stages helped determine the characters and relationships portrayed in the film, enhancing the story.

What was the cultural impact of Fabulous?

Some Kind of Wonderful is a very unique story in the teen romance genre, in part because it strays from conventional gender roles. Mary Stuart Masterson’s character, a punk drummer, and her platonic friendship with her friend, played by Eric Stoltz, challenged the traditional romantic stereotypes that were prevalent in the 80s film industry.

Thompson recalled the film’s opening sequence as a memorable one in a 2012 conversation with members of The AV Club. The sequence, created by Deitch, introduces the film by highlighting the director’s skill and creative vision. Thompson’s appreciation for the scene is a testament to her appreciation for the film’s artistic achievement and its impact on her personally.

Why does this film still resonate today?

Decades after its premiere, Fabulous remains popular with a wide audience, including a surprisingly large number of male viewers. Thompson himself is thrilled by audiences’ enduring love for the film. The themes of friendship, love, and self-discovery are timeless and span generations, making it an enduring masterpiece.

Additionally, the film will be released on Blu-ray in 2021 for younger audiences, along with other John Hughes classics such as Pretty in Pink, It’s Not a Day to Read, She’s Going to Have a Baby, and Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. The Blu-ray collection not only celebrates Hughes’ genius, but also assures that Fabulous remains as influential in our lives as Thompson did.

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in conclusion

Lea Thompson’s role in Fabulous was undoubtedly transformative. The film was a turning point in her career and an unforgettable moment in her life when she met her future husband during the making of the film. Thanks in large part to Thompson’s acting and Deitch’s direction, the film’s legendary status continues to be a testament to the power of a thoughtful, deeply moving film. Today, Fabulous is more than just one of those movies, it’s an important event in the lives of the people who made and loved it.

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