Learn precise luminance mask adjustments

Through the following video, you will learn precise brightness mask adjustment. In post-processing, we always need some masking, although Lightroom only provides some basic masking options. Therefore, we cannot apply more precise masks. At this time, precise brightness mask adjustment is very useful.

In the following video, Sean Bagshaw explains luminosity masks using one of his landscape photos. This helped me a lot when I was learning to use luminosity masks for post-processing. So I highly recommend watching his video.

TK Action

Sean uses the TK Actions panel which is a great help for us photographers to apply local adjustments perfectly. The masking technique is one of the best I have seen in post-processing and it makes everything so easy.

Through this process, you can avoid those unsightly halos and learn how to work with highlight and shadow areas more precisely.

Luminosity Mask Basics

Tonal balancing using Luminosity mask

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