Lexie Wiggly: A Closer Look at JB Mauney’s Ex-Wife

In rodeo, there are few names as notable as JB Mauney, the great rider in professional bull riding. While JB’s boldness and skills have won the hearts of many, the women behind the scenes have fascinating stories. Among them is Lexie Wiggly, who is known to the public primarily as Mauney’s ex-wife.

Despite his decision to keep his reputation private after his divorce from the equestrian star, interest in his life and background remains high. This article delves into what is known about Lexie, offering a glimpse into her life, passions, and the journey she embarked on after her divorce.

Early life and interests

Like many people who marry celebrities, details about Lexie Wiggly’s early life before her marriage to JB Mauney are few. Born in the United States, she came into the limelight mainly through her association with Mauney.

Even so, it is known that Lexie has always had diverse interests. Before getting married, she actively participated in many activities that showed her dynamic personality, from dancing to theater, demonstrating her passion for art and expression.

Lexie swayed

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Married JB Mauney

Lexie Wiggly and JB Mauney’s marriage was an important chapter in their public lives. The couple married in 2012 in a ceremony that celebrated their shared love of the equestrian lifestyle.

She regularly supports her husband at events, testament to her dedication to their relationship and interest in the sport. Together, they welcomed a daughter, Bella Mauney, enriching their lives and deepening their relationship.

Life after divorce

The couple’s journey together ended in 2015 when they decided to break up. Despite the divorce, Lexie chose to live away from the prying eyes of the public, focusing on their daughter’s personal growth and happiness. Her life after divorce is a testament to her resilience and desire to follow a private and peaceful path.

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A passionate expert

Although Lexie’s professional life is not widely publicized, it is known that she pursued a career as a licensed esthetician. This career choice emphasized her interest in beauty and health, which allowed her to express her nurturing nature and artistry. She has also been recognized as a highly skilled eyelash artist, demonstrating her dedication to the profession and her ability to provide services that enhance the natural beauty and confidence of her clients.

Lexie Wiggly’s legacy and influence

While Lexie may not have sought the spotlight, her influence and legacy are undeniable, especially in her personal life. As a mother, she played an important role in raising her daughter, instilling the values ​​of strength, privacy and independence.

Furthermore, her ability to maintain grace and composure despite the challenges of associating with public figures speaks volumes about character and resilience.

Move forward

Today, Lexie Wiggly continues to pursue a life defined by personal fulfillment, away from the glamor of the equestrian world. The story is about quiet strength, privacy and an unyielding commitment to values ​​and family. While the public may be curious about her, she chose to navigate the journey herself, leaving behind a fascinating and inspiring story.

In short, her journey from being known as JB Mauney’s wife to making a name for herself in her own right is a story filled with grace, strength, and an unwavering commitment to personal growth. individual and family.

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