Lindsay Hubbard’s new boyfriend, find out what she thinks of him

Summer House’s Lindsay Hubbard is making waves by revealing she’s in a new relationship. After Summer House highlighted Carl Radke’s departure in September 2023, fans are eager to see what’s next for Lindsay; especially during her April 25 appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, where she hinted at the relationship.

How did Lindsay reveal her new relationship?

During the Summer House Season 8 reunion, which was filmed backstage in New York City, Lindsay revealed more details about her current relationship and expressed satisfaction with it – despite not revealing her identity – but she publicly stated that she is very happy in bed with her current partner. Lindsay commented to about the announcement, stressing that this relationship is very different from her past relationship with Carl, a comment that attracted attention from fans and the media.

How is this relationship different from her previous relationship with Carl?

Summer House viewers have documented Lindsay and Carl’s relationship so well, including their public engagement and subsequent breakup, that many are curious about Lindsay’s subsequent love life. Based on recent comments from Lindsay herself, it seems that Lindsay is valuing this new relationship because it’s so different and unique from Carl’s.

Did you have any unpleasant experiences with Carl?

Lindsay was so obsessed with the transformation that she and her new boyfriend attended a wedding in Portugal — which Carl also attended — which could have been awkward; but Lindsay made it clear on WWHL that neither Carl nor Lindsay interacted at the wedding, indicating a clear divide between the present and past relationships, as the two have taken different paths since the breakup. The social event was a great symbol of that fact.

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How does Carl feel about Lindsay’s new relationship?

Shortly after Lindsay announced her feelings, Carl Radke revealed his reaction to Lindsay’s new relationship on WWHL. Carl responded in a calm and supportive manner, expressing well wishes, saying, “Honestly, I wish her the best; I just want her to be happy, if that’s all it takes.” This mature response shows that Carl respects Lindsay, even if it means being happy in another relationship.

What are people saying about Lindsay’s new relationship?

Season 8’s Jesse Solomon also expressed curiosity about whether Lindsay’s new love interest would watch WWHL, specifically Jesse was curious about whether and what effect its portrayal would have on new love interests formed after their television viewing history. This comment further fueled the public’s curiosity about how new love interests would affect previous on-screen relationships.

What can fans expect next?

As Lindsay continues to grow both on and off screen, fans are excited to see how her new relationship develops in the public eye. By opening up parts of her personal life to viewers, her evolving story opens the door to her life post-divorce from Carl; which could provide new developments or insights. While it remains to be seen whether this relationship will feature heavily in future episodes of Summer House, it certainly adds another exciting layer to Lindsay’s journey.

Verdict: Lindsay Hubbard’s announcement of a new relationship after Carl Radke brings an exciting turn to Summer House. Her candid statement about being happy in a relationship, coupled with Carl’s supportive comments about it, shows her maturity and progress – something Summer House fans will likely keep a close eye on as the show develops on and off screen.

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