Michael Clayton’s wife knows all about Sheri and the kids

Michael Crichton died of cancer in 2008 while his wife Sheri was pregnant with their son, John Michael Todd Crichton. Since then, Sheri has dedicated her life to preserving Crichton’s legacy for her son. One important part of her work is a new book, Eruption, co-written by James Patterson. Set to be released on June 3, the novel is the final work from the man behind iconic works such as Jurassic Park, The Andromeda Strain, Congo, and Westworld.

Complete “Outbreak”

Michael Crichton began writing Eruption in 1994 and worked on it on and off until his death in 2008. Sheri spent 15 years searching for the perfect collaborator to complete the manuscript. She chose James Patterson, a master of thriller fiction known for works such as Here Come the Spiders and Kiss the Girls. Sheri believed Patterson had the expertise and sensibility to realize Crichton’s vision.

Set on the Big Island of Hawaii, Eruption tells the story of a historic volcanic eruption and a looming man-made disaster. Sheri believes Michael would be proud that this story has come to life. “Jim has done an amazing job,” she tells PEOPLE. “This story is obviously important to Michael and it doesn’t deserve to be in the archives. He would be so excited that it’s going to be out there and being told by such an amazing partner in Jim.”

The Legacy of John Michael Jr.

John Michael II, now 16, is excited about the release of Volcano. Sheri has always encouraged her son’s connection to his father’s work. She recalled a memorable moment when John Michael was eight years old, driving along Santa Monica Boulevard and saw ads for Westworld and Jurassic Park on a bus. She pointed out, “John Michael, do you see that? That’s your dad!”

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Sheri’s efforts to preserve Michael’s legacy include establishing the Official Clayton Archives. Through this work, she feels that her partnership with her late husband continues. “When we took our vows in Hawaii, we were partners for life,” Sheri explains. “I feel like I am still his partner now, even though he is not here. We can be partners in raising our son because Michael is such a source of information and knowledge.”

Family Connection

Sheri stressed that it was important for Michael’s children to understand his work and motivations. Michael Clayton also has a daughter, Taylor Anne, born in 1989 from his previous marriage. “It was really important for his children to really understand how he worked and what made him successful,” Sheri said.

John Michael Jr. is a typical teenager, currently focused on final exams and summer plans. However, Sheri ensures that Michael’s legacy is always ready for him, whenever he chooses to accept it. Sheri’s commitment to preserving Michael’s legacy has left their son with a deep appreciation for his father’s achievements and contributions.

The right partner

James Patterson, known for his prolific and thrilling storytelling, was the perfect choice to complete Eruption. Patterson’s respect for Crichton’s work and his own distinguished career made him an ideal partner. Sheri’s collaboration with Patterson was a labor of love designed to honor Michael’s vision and ensure the story was told with the passion and detail he invested.

“Jim did an amazing job,” Sheri reiterated. “This story was obviously very important to Michael.” Patterson’s involvement brings a sense of closure and excitement to the Clayton family, knowing that Michael’s final story is being shared with the world.

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A thrilling ending

Volcano, now available for pre-order from Little, Brown and Company, promises to be the next chapter in the Michael Crichton legacy. The publication of this book is a testament to Sheri’s dedication to and lasting influence on Crichton’s work. His books and films continue to captivate audiences, with the classic Jurassic Park still a beloved classic and Westworld being adapted into a successful television series.

John Michael Jr. was deeply inspired by his father’s legacy and expressed an interest in following in his footsteps. Sheri is responsible for maintaining the Clayton Archives, ensuring that Michael’s achievements and knowledge are preserved for future generations. “I have worked very hard to research Michael’s estate and archives and put all the pieces together,” Sheri explained. “John Michael knew the significance behind this book.”

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