Michael Mosley missing, get full details

Well-known BBC health expert Michael Mosley has gone missing while on holiday. The 67-year-old nutrition and healthy living expert was last seen walking on the Greek island of Symi and was reported missing just before 7:30pm on Wednesday.

Search in progress

Dr Mosley’s wife, Dr Claire Bailey, 62, raised the alarm, prompting local authorities to begin tracking his movements overnight. Despite their efforts, they were unable to find him. Today (Thursday), a search and rescue team from Athens has been deployed to the scene, equipped with drones and other advanced equipment to expand the search area.

Public appeal

Appealing for information on the Friends of Symi Facebook page, resident Adriana Shum wrote: “Have you seen this man? He set out on foot from St Nick’s at around 13:30 but failed to return home. His friends are worried as they have not seen him for six hours. His name is Dr Mike Mosley and he has appeared on the BBC and is a familiar face to many Brits. EDIT: The police and coastguard have been notified. The island’s rescue team EDOK is also involved. EDIT Thursday 9:30am: So far he has not been found and the search continues.”


Other commentators noted that Dr Mosley’s wife Claire and a friend had retraced his movements but found nothing. The Daily Mail reports that Athens police are actively pursuing the case. Senior police spokeswoman Constantina Dimoglidou confirmed that the search is ongoing and began early this morning. “He was at Ag. Nikolas beach with another couple and decided to return to his home in the Pedi area of ​​Symi. It was around 1:30pm and he had forgotten his phone on the beach. All attempts to track him were fruitless. We have now asked the fire brigade to assist in the operation in case he slips, trips, falls or even gets bit by a snake, which leaves him with scars.”

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No traces found

Dr. Mosley was well known for his contributions to health and nutrition, especially his Fast 800 and 5:2 diet plans. Despite an exhaustive search, no trace of him has been found. “There is just no trace of him. No trace at all, which means that, at least for us, all possible scenarios are open and under investigation,” Dimoglidu said.

Successful career

Michael Mosley is a well-known author and television presenter. He has written several international bestsellers, including The Fast 800, The Smart Gut Diet, The Fast Diet, The Fast Workout, Just One Thing and The 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet. He hosts a regular radio show and podcast for the BBC called Just One Thing and lives in Buckinghamshire with his wife Claire.

Personal Transformation

Michael Mosley’s health and nutrition journey began with a personal health scare. Mosley was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and also showed early signs of fatty liver disease. By completely changing his diet, including the 5:2 diet, he was able to reverse both conditions. He lost 9kg and his health improved dramatically. “Eleven years ago, when I found out I had type 2 diabetes, I also had a scan that showed I had early signs of fatty liver disease. Once I started the 5:2 diet and lost 9kg, both the diabetes and fatty liver disappeared,” he shares.

BBC Contribution

Michael Mosley joined the BBC as a trainee assistant producer and has worked on numerous science and history documentaries over the past 25 years, first behind the camera and later as a presenter. He has been an executive producer on several high profile programmes including QED, Trust Me, I’m Doctor and Superman. He has worked with such well-known figures as John Cleese, Jeremy Clarkson, Professor Robert Winston, Sir David Attenborough and Professor Alice Roberts.

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Award-winning works

Mosley’s work has been widely recognised and has won him several awards, including being named Medical Journalist of the Year by the British Medical Association in 1995. He has produced more than a dozen series for the BBC, including Medical Maverick, Blood and Guts, Inside Michael Mosley, Science Stories, Young People, Inside the Human Body, Eat Fast Live Long, The Truth About Exercise, Pain, Pus and Poison and Inventing Genius. Most recently, he appeared in Channel 4’s Michael Mosley: Secrets of the Big Shop and is filming a TV version of his Channel 4 show Just One Thing.

Call for information

As the search continues, authorities and Dr. Mosley’s family remain hopeful for his safe return. We urge the public to come forward with any information that may help locate him. The search continues in Symi and beyond, with the help of local and Athens teams, ensuring all possible scenarios are investigated.

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