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Shia Labeouf

Birth Name Shia Saideed LaBeouf Date of Birth June 11, 1986 Place of Birth Los Angeles, California, United States Height 5′ 9¼” (1.76 m) Weight 158 ​​lbs (72 kg) Education Alexander Hamilton High School Profession Actor Net Worth $25,000,000 Source of Wealth Film, Television Nationality United States Country United States Marital Status Single Children None

Shia LaBeouf decided to try himself as an actor during his teenage years and there are many stories about how far he pursued his passion to establish himself. His estimated net worth is around $25 million.

According to People Weekly magazine, LaBeouf auditioned for the Disney Channel series Even Stevens (2000), which launched him into the spotlight, and later told every young person waiting to audition that he had the role – thus eliminating the competition. Such determination, along with raw ability and charisma, undoubtedly helped propel LaBeouf straight to the forefront of Hollywood’s young stars.

Born in Los Angeles on June 11, 1986, LaBeouf grew up in the Echo Park neighborhood and grew up in a decidedly colorful family of mixed ethnicity. His Cajun father, Jeffery LaBeouf, was a Vietnam vet who worked a series of odd jobs as a circus clown, a snow-cone salesman, and a stand-up comedian. Shia’s Jewish mother, Shayna, worked as a textile and jewelry craftsman. Distressed by his mother’s financial struggles after his parents separated, Shia looked up to another boy of roughly the same age (Dr. Quinn, a cast member of Medicine Woman) whose financial windfall from Quinn afforded him a luxurious lifestyle. LaBeouf suddenly realized the financial benefits of working in front of the camera and—although he had no formal dramatic training—he prepared himself to get into acting through comedy. He used the phone book to find an agent, then spent two years honing his skills in stand-up comedy, which led to him (at age 12) performing “Blue” shows for adult audiences at the Pasadena comedy club, The Ice House.

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Earnings and Financial Data

date Social class Description amount
2010 Salary Transformers: Dark of the Moon Salary $15,000,000
2009 Salary Salaries from Wall Street: Money never sleeps $8,000,000
2008 Property The value of his Sherman Oaks home $1,850,000
2008 Salary Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Salary $5,000,000
2007 Property The value of his Triumph Thruxton 900 motorcycle $14,000
2007 Property The value of his 1975 Checker Marathon car $20,000
2006 Salary Salary from Transformers $750,000
2006 Salary Salary from Surf’s Up $400,000
2006 Salary Salary from Disturbia $400,000
2005 Salary Salary from Bobby $400,000

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