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Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard has renewed his contract with Saudi Pro League side Al Ettifaq and shown a strong commitment to his new job playing in Saudi Arabia. But his life in the Gulf is far more complicated than football. It involves major travel, lifestyle changes and family interactions. Gerrard’s move from England to Saudi Arabia not only shows his dedication to his profession, but also the sacrifices and adjustments his family has made for him.

What was Gerrard’s experience like in Saudi Arabia?

After joining Al Ettifaq in July 2023, Gerrard quickly adapted to his new home, both professionally and personally. His work as a coach was lucrative, with an average annual salary of £15 million, and he was so satisfied that he renewed his contract within a few months of joining. The company provided him with a luxurious residence in Dammam, complete with a swimming pool and games room, ensuring a comfortable life.

How does Gerrard manage his commute?

Despite living a luxurious life at home in Saudi, Gerrard chooses to split his time between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. He often travels on the 15-mile causeway that connects him to Bahrain, which serves as his second base. This arrangement allows him to lead a more relaxed lifestyle, especially in social situations, which is important given Saudi Arabia’s strict alcohol controls.

How is the family adapting?

The transition was a family affair. Gerrard’s youngest child attends an English-speaking school in Bahrain, which is ranked in the top 100 worldwide and costs up to £11,000 per student per year. This educational choice ensures consistency while they study abroad. In addition, the family regularly visits the local Bahrain Rugby Club, where Gerrard can meet expats, have a few beers and discuss football, a stark contrast to the crowded social life in Saudi Arabia.

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Where do families spend their free time?

His wife, Alex, has found a sense of belonging in Bahrain’s luxurious lifestyle. Her favorite haunts include the World Trade Center and Corniche Mall in Manama. These places cater to her style preferences by offering top fashion brands such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Bahrain is an ideal social and cultural destination, a safe haven for family members such as the Gerards, and allows Steven to strike a perfect balance between his work responsibilities in Saudi Arabia and his family’s personal tastes.

in conclusion

Steven Gerrard’s move to Saudi Arabia not only illustrates a career shift, but also reveals the challenges and changes that come with moving to another country that is the focus of the international sporting community. While Gerrard is committed to his coaching career, he and his family are struggling to find a balance between professional opportunities in Saudi Arabia and the more comfortable, relaxed lifestyle of an expat in Bahrain. This balance is essential to maintaining personal happiness and family stability amidst a significant change in lifestyle and culture.

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