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Radio mogul Joe Rogan is known for his wide range of guests. From celebrities to scientists, his podcast is an outlet for ideas and debate. However, few episodes are as exciting or even revolutionary as his recent interview with Terrence Howard.

Who is Terrence Howard?

Terrence Howard, who gained widespread attention for his role in the hit TV series Empire, has not only attracted attention for his acting prowess, but also for his involvement in the fields of science, technology, and engineering. Howard created what is known as “The Crux,” a new logic system based on mathematics and physics. This breakthrough may initially be seen as a mind game, but it is actually a real claim, which is backed up by Howard’s own scientific research and patents.

What is a “key person”?

In the show, Howard introduced “The Key Points,” explaining it as a completely new system of fundamental logic that was derived from his understanding of real wave mechanics. This system not only proposed new mathematical axioms, but also incorporated them into physical theories. Howard’s claims were particularly interesting because they were made possible by his own patented inventions, including advances in hydrogen technology and what he called a completely new type of flight.

How has Howard been evaluated by the scientific community?

Reactions to Howard’s theory have been mixed. Some have called it overly ambitious or speculative, while others have been curious about the possibilities if it turns out to be true. These patents, 97 in total, demonstrate a strong commitment to his work and an understanding that goes beyond mere theoretical speculation.

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What does Joe Rogan think of Howard’s theory?

Joe Rogan was clearly impressed and at times surprised by Howard’s explanations. Howard’s Instagram post after the podcast was filled with genuine surprise and a hint of skepticism, but also enthusiasm. Rogan called the show one of the funniest conversations he’s had in his life, while also acknowledging that it could provoke mixed opinions, but praising Howard’s talent.

Can Howard change the world?

The podcast takes an in-depth look at Howard’s research and its potential impact. If Howard’s claims about the “pivotal points” and their applications are true, they could change or even challenge existing scientific paradigms. The debate highlights that Howard’s research aims to change some fundamental understandings of mathematics and physics.

in conclusion

With both the scientific community and the public pondering Howard’s theory, the significance of Howard’s appearance on such a huge platform as Joe Rogan’s show cannot be overstated. It is a critical link between the most innovative ideas in science and the public debate. Whether Howard’s theory holds up to scientific scrutiny remains to be determined. The conversation is certainly ongoing, and the world is watching. What happens when Terrence Howard changes the world? Only time, and perhaps more research and debate, will reveal the answer.

The story ends with a testament to the power of conversation and the potential of new ideas to test and expand our understanding of the world. It reminds us that the most innovative ideas often come from the most unexpected sources.

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