The Cole family of Victoria Island, get all the facts here!

Following a recent incident in Lagos State, Nigeria, the Cole family of Victoria Island has publicly expressed their disapproval of their son Taiwo Olakitan Cole’s wedding to famous Nigerian comedian and actress Wofai Fada. The family’s statement was in response to some photos or videos posted online showing a typical wedding, which has attracted speculation and media attention.

How did your family react?

The Cole family released an open letter on social media written by engineer Kunle Cole, in which they clearly stated that they had no information about the arrangement and that they had not agreed or supported the idea. The statement was officially announced to their acquaintances, friends and the public, clarifying their stance on rumors of marriage to the actress.

How did the so-called marriage news spread?

A number of photos and videos were circulated on social media platforms that were allegedly of traditional wedding ceremonies such as Taiwo and Wofai. The photos were typical of traditional Nigerian weddings, leading people on the internet and in the media to believe that the couple was indeed married.

What does this family statement mean?

The Cole family’s denial raised doubts about the authenticity of the ceremony and the inclusion of their names as family members in the story. By announcing their opposition to the ceremony, the family sought to defend their reputation and make their case in public, ensuring that their legacy would not be falsely associated with an event in which they claimed no involvement.

Why did the family publicly deny the marriage?

The decision to publicly declare a marriage may be based on a variety of motivations, including family values ​​and personal preferences, as well as potential negative impacts on their professional and social image, or inconsistencies in the way the marriage is portrayed or performed. Public debate helps to clarify the facts in the face of media and public scrutiny.

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in conclusion

The controversy surrounding the alleged wedding between Taiwo Olakitan Cole and Wofai Fada has taken a dramatic turn after the Cole family issued a strong statement disassociating themselves from the matter. The move by the Cole family exposes the complexity and impact of social media in spreading false information that can lead to misunderstandings and damage to reputations.

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