Ranking, Awards, and More: The Top 10 British Comedians of 2024

We guarantee that our selection of the top British comedians of 2024 will bring a smile to your face from the exciting world of stand-up comedy. The following comedians were hand-picked for this list based on their exceptional comedic abilities, groundbreaking ideas, consistent performances, and significant contributions to the comedy business.

By compiling this list, we want to honor the remarkable artists who have delighted us so far in 2024 and provide humor lovers with a chance to vote for their favorites. A really democratic approach selection, since each comedian’s position is decided by votes from fans!

The Top 10 British Comedians of 2024

The list pays tribute to the true heroes of comedy by including artists like the magnetic Greg Davies, a Welsh comedian whose honest storytelling has won him many fans. Popular English comedian Jack Whitehall is known for his edgy style and cutting observational humor. Sara Pascoe brings a new viewpoint to the comedy business with her astute observations and feminist overtones.

Another one is Romesh Ranganathan, a comedian whose distinctive brand of culturally astute humor is a synthesis of his British and Tamil ancestry. Keep in mind James Acaster, whose offbeat and bizarre sense of humor never ceases to amuse, and Bridget Christie, renowned for her politically charged comedies that skillfully combine humor with astute social observations.

The famous British comedians wouldn’t be where they are now without their devoted fan bases, so keep that in mind when you peruse our star-studded list. Now that these artists have brought us together in laughing, it’s time for you to express your admiration for them.

Now is the time to cast your vote, comedy fans! Help us honor the comic brilliance of the British comedians of 2024 by casting your vote for your favorite of the year. Come participate in our lively discussion, since the greatest kind of democracy is a good chuckle. Good luck to the most hilarious comic!

Quick Look

Rank Name Age Award Shows
1 James Acaster 39 Melbourne International Comedy Festival Award Repertoire, Cold Lasagne Hate Myself 1999
2 Greg Davies 55 BAFTA Nominee The Inbetweeners, Taskmaster
3 Lee Mack 55 BAFTA Winner Not Going Out, Would I Lie to You?
4 Russell Howard 43 Best Compère Chortle Awards Russell Howard’s Good News, The Russell Howard Hour
5 Rowan Atkinson 69 BAFTA Winner Mr. Bean, Blackadder
6 Jimmy Carr 51 British Comedy Award 8 Out of 10 Cats, The Big Fat Quiz of the Year
7 Jack Whitehall 35 British Comedy Award Fresh Meat, Bad Education
8 Sara Pascoe 42 Edinburgh Comedy Award Netflix Special, The Last Woman on Earth
9 Romesh Ranganathan 45 BAFTA TV Award The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan, The Ranganation
10 Bridget Christie 52 Edinburgh Comedy Award A Bic for Her, Stand Up for Her

Top 10 British Comedians in 2024

Every comedian in 2024 Britain adds their own special brand of humor to the big and small screens, radio, and stage. Their lives and careers provide an intriguing window into the world of comedy, replete with accolades, memorable roles, and stories.

James Acaster

James Acaster

Humorist, writer, and TV host James William Acaster came into this world on January 9, 1985, in England. Among Acaster’s many accolades is a five-time nomination for Best Show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, where he has performed for many years running. “Recognise,” “Represent,” “Reset,” and “Recap” are four one-hour stand-up comedy sets that Acaster published as a Netflix special in 2018. In 2019, his show Cold Lasagne Hate Myself 1999—which was subsequently published on Netflix—won the Most Outstanding Show Award at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Plus, he’s been on Mock the Week, Taskmaster, 8 out of 10 Cats, Would I Lie to You, and Mock the Week, and he’s won four Chortle Awards.

Greg Davies

British stand-up comedian and actor Gregory Daniel Davies was born on May 14, 1968. He has guest starred on Mock the Week, Would I Lie to You?, Fast and Loose, and Cuckoo, among other shows, and is most recognized for his performances as Greg in We Are Klang, Mr. Gilbert in The Inbetweeners, and Dan Davies in Man Down. Live at the Apollo was another platform for his performances.

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Greg Davies

Lee Mack

Has achieved superstar status because to his sharp wit and charismatic northern personality. The combination of humor and wit in his sitcom Not Going Out demonstrates his acting and writing chops. The character that Lee played on Would I Lie to You? demonstrated his quick thinking and garnered him praise from critics and fans alike.

Russell Howard

Optimism and vitality permeate the comedic routines of the Bristol-born comic. His talent for finding comedy in mundane circumstances has made him famous across the globe. His shows include Russell Howard’s Good News and The Russell Howard Hour. The variety of his humorous styles is highlighted by his inspirations, which include Richard Pryor and Lee Evans.

Rowan Atkinson

The likes of Mr. Bean and Edmund Blackadder were developed by Rowan Atkinson, who is perhaps the most famous British comic. His physical style is admired by people all around the world, regardless of language limitations. The Lion King, in which Atkinson plays the part of Zazu, demonstrates his range by combining live-action and voice acting.

Jimmy Carr

When people think of black humor and deadpan delivery, they think of him. His hosting duties of 8 Out of 10 Cats and guest appearances on series like The Big Fat Quiz of the Year have cemented his status as a top comedian. One thing that makes Jimmy Carr’s performances stand out is his unique chuckle.

Jack Whitehall

Jack Whitehall infuses his comedic performances with an air of refined freshness. By 2024, he has become an integral part of modern British comedy thanks to the success of Fresh Meat and Bad Education among younger viewers. With his debut on American television, Travels with My Father, Jack has reached an international audience with his comedic talents.

Sara Pascoe

Sara Pascoe uses her writing and stand-up to promote feminist causes. Both her book Animal and her performance A Bic for Her intelligently and wittily explore complicated societal topics. The success of Sara’s Netflix special has increased her profile as a satirical icon for years to come.

Romesh Ranganathan

A mainstay of UK television, his frank style and dry wit have made him famous. As a British-Sri Lankan comic, his distinctive viewpoint enriches the comedy scene in shows like The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan and The Ranganation.

Bridget Christie

Notable among Bridget Christie’s works is feminist-driven material that subverts expectations while entertaining viewers. Proving that comedy can be both amusing and informative, her award-winning show A Bic for Her showcases her talent for blending activism with comedy.FAQs


To this day, who remains the most revered British comedian?

Challenging inquiry! In the end, it’s all relative. Fans of the late greats like Rowan Atkinson and John Cleese root for the current crop of youthful actors, such as James Acaster and Sarah Millican. There is no universally correct response since comedy is subjective.

Are there any English comedians who have achieved international fame?

Sure thing! A worldwide legend, Rowan Atkinson is known for his portrayal of the adored Mr. Bean. Notable figures from throughout the world include Ricky Gervais (The Office) and John Cleese (Monty Python).

Who is a well-known British comedian that you may suggest?

You can’t beat Stephen Fry’s wit! He is well-known in the British comedy scene for his wit and intellect. His contributions to QI are also full of insightful and entertaining ideas.

In Britain, who are some of the best female comics?

Three of the funniest people in the business are Sarah Millican, Jo Brand, and the late Victoria Wood. They have greatly enriched English comedy with their outstanding stand-up and television performances.

Who is the best British comedian to watch first?

Comedy gold, that is Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Peep Show, starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb, or The Office, starring Ricky Gervais, are great choices if you’re looking for something more modern.

Who is the top stand-up comedian in England at the moment?

The distinctive delivery of James Acaster’s stand-up specials on Netflix has garnered him many admirers and devotees. Katherine Ryan and Romesh Ranganathan are two more famous stand-up comedians nowadays.

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Can you recommend any British comedians who are masters of the macabre?

With his unrivaled deadpan delivery, Jimmy Carr reigns supreme as the king of black comedy. For those who like more experimental sounds, Frankie Boyle is another artist whose work you may want to investigate.

Which comedian from the United Kingdom is famous for their stories?

As far as humorous storytelling goes, Billy Connolly, aka the Big Yin, is a living legend. His stories, which are often based on his own experiences, are both funny and touching.

Can you recommend a British comedian that the whole family would enjoy?

When it comes to approachable, family-friendly observational style, Michael McIntyre really shines. Anyone, regardless of age, may appreciate his performances.

Do you know of any up-and-coming British comedians that I should watch?

Fleabag, Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s dark comedy, has been well-received by critics. She has great comic timing, although she is more famous for writing and performing. You should also keep an eye on Mo Gilligan, who has become a favorite among comedy lovers because to his hyperactive approach and amusing insights.

In summary

British comedians have left an extensive and diverse legacy. They have made a big impression on the world stage in addition to entertaining audiences in the UK. As we delve into the works of the top British comedians, we discover a universe where laughing unites people of all backgrounds and cultures.

No matter how much or how little experience you have with stand-up comedy, you have to admit that these performers really stand out for their unique combination of sarcasm, observational humor, and traditional comedy. Keep in mind that the British have a joke for any situation in the realm of humor, demonstrating that laughter really is the greatest global language.
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Discover more hilarious English comedians in this list below:

Chris Barrie
Faith Brown
Kevin Connelly
Bobby Davro
Peter Goodwright
Alistair McGowan
Morgana Robinson
Tracey Ullman
Bernard Cribbins
Flanders and Swann
Hinge and Bracket
Mike Harding
Chris Sievey
Jake Thackray
Arthur Askey
Michael Barrymore
Billy Bennett
Frank Carson
Tom Costello
Billy Danvers
Fayne and Evans
Ken Goodwin
Dick Henderson
Rex Jameson (“Mrs Shufflewick”)
Kenway and Young
Bill Maynard
Nat Mills and Bobbie
Dave Morris
Tom O’Connor
Billy Russell
Vesta Victoria
Jimmy Wheeler
Wee Georgie Wood
Tim Brooke-Taylor
Jimmy Edwards
John Finnemore
Graeme Garden
Deryck Guyler
David Hatch
Kenneth Horne
Harry Korris
Cyril Fletcher
Betty Marsden
Joy Nichols
Dennis Price
Ikenna Azuike
Munya Chawawa
Armando Iannucci
Michael Spicer
Clive Anderson
Frankie Boyle
Alan Davies
Clement Freud
Nick Hancock
Richard Ingrams
Rory McGrath
Frank Muir
Andy Parsons
Robin Ray
Sandi Toksvig
Steve Pemberton
Alexander Armstrong
James Bachman
Sanjeev Bhaskar
Charlie Higson
Paul Whitehouse
Anil Gupta
Lenny Henry
John Junkin
Graham Chapman
Eric Morecambe
Rob Newman
Mel Smith
Nigel Planer
Peter Richardson
Meera Syal
Marty Feldman
Eric Idle
Stan Laurel
Norman Wisdom
Kathy Burke
Martin Clunes
Windsor Davies
Paul Eddington
Robert Fyfe
Emma Chambers
Nick Helm
Karl Howman
David Jason
Matt King
John Laurie
Robert Lindsay
Roger Lloyd-Pack
Nicholas Lyndhurst
Neil Morrissey
Paul Nicholas
Geoffrey Palmer
Bill Pertwee
Pauline Quirke
Leonard Rossiter
Eric Sykes
Gary Waldhorn
Robert Webb
Richard Wilson
Rebecca Front
Paul Kaye
Chris Morris
Bennett Arron
Alistair Barrie
Ninia Benjamin
John Bishop
Jen Brister
Rhona Cameron
Julian Clary
Janice Connolly
Lewis Costello
Jack Dee
Joel Dommett
Jo Enright
Ed Gamble
Rosie Holt
Willie Rushton
Harry Bedford
Max Bygraves
Roy Castle
Tommy Cooper
Leslie Crowther
Will Evans
Bud Flanagan
Bruce Forsyth
Arthur Haynes
Frankie Howerd
Jimmy James
Ray Martine
Des O’Connor
Frank Randle
Tommy Trinder
Robb Wilton
Dick Bentley
Jenny Eclair
Graham Fellows
Ronald Frankau
Joyce Grenfell
Tommy Handley
Jon Holmes
Jo Kendall
Victor Lewis-Smith
Robert Moreton
Stephen Murray
Hugh Paddick
Leslie Phillips
Al Read
Eleanor Bron
John Fortune
Tom Walker
Simon Amstell
Russell Brand
Susan Calman
Omid Djalili
Micky Flanagan
Andy Hamilton
Tony Hawk
Simon Hoggart
Peter Jones
Nish Kumar
Arthur Marshall
Paul Merton
Robert Morley
Ross Noble
Katie Perry
Jonathan Ross
Mark Watson
Mark Gatiss
Jeremy Dyson
Matt Berry
Adrian Edmondson
Harry Enfield
Simon Day
Arabella Weir
Gregor Fisher
Stephen Fry
Bill Oddie
Patricia Hayes
Rufus Jones
David Mitchell
Terry Gilliam
Bob Mortimer
Griff Rhys Jones
Nicholas Parsons
Vic Reeves
Alexei Sayle
Fiona Allen
Laura Solon
David Walliams
Charlie Chaplin
Robbie Coltrane
Martin Freeman
Will Hay
Terry Jones
Michael Palin
Alastair Sim
Kenneth Williams
Margaret Rutherford
Richard Ayoade
Ronnie Barker
Richard Beckinsale
Richard Briers
John Challis
John Cleese
Michael Crawford
Richard Dawson
Clive Dunn
Jane Freeman
Nick Frost
Tamsin Greig
Miranda Hart
Jane Horrocks
John Inman
Lesley Joseph
Penelope Keith
Belinda Lang
Helen Lederer
Robert Llewellyn
Joanna Lumley
Greg McHugh
Warren Mitchell
Bill Owen
Simon Pegg
Caroline Quentin
Linda Robson
Peter Sallis
Isy Suttie
Reg Varney
Julie Walters
Brian Wilde
Daisy May Cooper
Matthew Holness
Doon Mackichan
Peter Serafinowicz
Avril Angers
Sadia Azmat
Julian Barratt
Rob Beckett
Danny Bhoy
Adam Bloom
Marcus Brigstocke
Roy Chubby Brown
Ted Chippington
Laurence Clark
Nina Conti
Ben Elton
Simon Fanshawe
Paul Foot
Rhod Gilbert
Kerry Godliman
Jeff Green
Jeremy Hardy
Richard Herring
Rufus Hound
Lee Hurst
Phill Jupitus
Phil Kay
Andrew Lawrence
Josie Long
Francesca Martinez
Sarah Millican
Bob Monkhouse
Al Murray
Andrew O’Neill
Papa CJ
Sue Perkins
Jon Richardson
George Roper
Lou Sanders
Freddie Starr
Jimmy Tarbuck
Paul Taylor
Ava Vidal
Eros Vlahos
Holly Walsh
Mike Wozniak
Pam Ayres
Craig Charles
Roger McGough
Lemn Sissay
Michael Dapaah
Dan Howell
Barry Appleby
James Gillray
Bill Tidy
Peter Ustinov
Dave Gorman
Malcolm Hardee
Natalie Haynes
Wil Hodgson
Robin Ince
Jimmy Jones
Russell Kane
Shaparak Khorsandi
Norman Lovett
Shazia Mirza
Eleanor Morton
Lucy Porter
Matt Richardson
Adam Rowe
Frank Skinner
Mark Steel
Ellie Taylor
Dave Thompson
Andre Vincent
Oliver Wakefield
Seann Walsh
Josh Widdicombe
Gina Yashere
Les Barker
John Cooper Clarke
Henry Normal
Stanley Unwin
Amelia Dimoldenberg
Phil Lester
George Cruikshank
William Hogarth
Barry Cryer
Terry Alderton
Stanley Baxter
Paul Burling
Phil Cool
Dawn French
Mike Hayley
Mark Perry
Jennifer Saunders
Mike Yarwood
Harriet Braine
Alex Horne
Edwyn Collins
John Hegley
Neil Innes
Gary Le Strange
Earl Okin
Philip Pope
Vivian Stanshall
Victoria Wood
Charles Austin
George Beauchamp
Issy Bonn
Jimmy Cricket
Sid Field
Dickie Henderson
Yootha Joyce
Jimmy Learmouth
Max Miller
Edmund Payne
Ted Rogers
Suzette Tarri
Max Wall
Charlie Williams
Michael Bentine
Kenny Everett
Leonard Henry
Roy Hudd
Bill Kerr
Richard Murdoch
Jon Pertwee
Peter Sellers
Douglas Adams
John Bird
Peter Cook
Mark Thomas
Chris Addison
Jo Brand
Kevin Bridges
Rob Brydon
Alan Coren
Hugh Dennis
Ian Hislop
Miles Jupp
Jason Manford
Michael McIntyre
Diane Morgan
Derek Nimmo
Linda Smith
Barry Took
Francis Wheen
Reece Shearsmith
Ben Miller
Katy Brand
Olivia Colman
Charlie Drake
Dick Emery
Caroline Aherne
John Thomson
Mark Williams
Benny Hill
Dom Joly
Ernie Wise
Pamela Stephenson
Steve Punt
Sally Phillips
Catherine Tate
Harry Worth
Bernard Bresslaw
Sacha Baron Cohen
Sid James
Bill Nighy
Terry Thomas
Helen Atkinson-Wood
Morwenna Banks
Norman Beaton
James Bolam
Patrick Cargill
Ronnie Corbett
Julia Davis
James Dreyfus
James Fleet
Tony Hancock
Julia Hills
Peter Howitt
Danny John-Jules
Gorden Kaye
Jessica Knappett
John Le Mesurier
Maureen Lipman
Arthur Lowe
Rik Mayall
Brian Murphy
Gary Olsen
Trevor Peacock
John Pickard
Tony Robinson
Andrew Sachs
Julia Sawalha
Liza Tarbuck
Rudolph Walker
June Whitfield
Steve Coogan
Chris Langham
Russ Abbot
Stephen K. Amos
Shaista Aziz
Angela Barnes
Aaron Barschak
Katherine Bennett
Bethany Black
Doc Brown
Alan Carr
Jo Caulfield
Roisin Conaty
Jim Davidson
Les Dennis
Sophie Duker
Janey Godley
Dominic Holland
Eddie Izzard
Milton Jones
Peter Kay
Daniel Kitson
Sean Lock
Joe Lycett
Bernard Manning
Stephen Merchant
John Moloney
Simon Munnery
John Oliver
Andi Osho
Lee Peart
Abi Roberts
Suzi Ruffell
Daniel Sloss
Ian Stone
Mackenzie Taylor
Johnny Vegas
Tim Vine
Rick Wakeman
Joe Wilkinson
Andy Zaltzman
Penny Broadhurst
Ivor Cutler
Tim Key
Owen O’Neill
Rogan Whitenails
Mo Gilligan
Rhodri Marsden
Chris Donald
Gerald Scarfe
Lance Percival
Ronni Ancona
Rory Bremner
Brian Conley
Jon Culshaw
Matt Forde
Dave Lamb
Jan Ravens
Debra Stephenson
Mitch Benn
Adam Buxton
Angus Deayton
Noel Fielding
Jay Foreman
Rainer Hersch
Tim Minchin
Kev Orkian
Rowland Rivron
Jim Tavaré
Hylda Baker
Ken Dodd

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