Todd Pirro on his first wife, family, career, and more

Fox News anchor Todd Pirro made a heartwarming return to “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday after welcoming his second daughter. His reappearance on the morning show was greeted by his co-host Carly Shimkus, who was overwhelmed with joy over his new addition.

Welcome Baby Alexis

At the start of the show, Pirro’s co-host Carly Shimkus warmly greeted him, acknowledging that something special had happened during his brief absence. “You’re back,” Shimkus exclaimed. “Did anything happen while you were away? Anything special? Maybe a beautiful baby was born. It’s great to have you back.” Pirro responded with a lighthearted “The second one. When you start playing one-on-one defense, it becomes a whole new ball game,” referring to the challenges and joys of having two children.

The highlight of Pirro’s return to the show was when he shared a touching photo of his newborn daughter, Alexis. The photo aired at the end of Thursday’s show, capturing the new dad’s moment of pride and happiness.

Best Father’s Day

In a June 19 Instagram post, Pirro shared an intimate snapshot taken shortly after Alexis was born, calling it the “best Father’s Day ever.” He captioned it, “Best #FathersdayEver. Welcome to the team, Alexis!”, expressing his excitement and gratitude. This special Father’s Day celebration was undoubtedly an unforgettable milestone for Pirro and his family.

Todd Pirro and his wife, Amanda Rouse, weekend anchor for ABC affiliate WTNH in New Haven, Connecticut, are overjoyed at the arrival of their second daughter. Amanda Rouse, who is a weekend anchor for ABC affiliate WTNH in New Haven, Connecticut, has supported them throughout their journey to becoming parents. The couple’s first daughter now has a sister to share her life with, bringing even more joy to their family.

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Pirro’s journey with Fox News

Todd Pirro began working at Fox News in June 2017 after previously working as an anchor at NBC Connecticut. Since joining the network, Pirro has become a familiar face to morning viewers as co-host of Fox & Friends First, which airs weekdays from 4 to 6 a.m. His rapport with co-host Carly Shimkus and his charming on-screen presence have made him a favorite figure among Fox News viewers.

Pirro took over as anchor of the news segment when Fox & Friends co-host Rob Schmitt left for Newsmax in August 2020. His ability to handle the morning news, coupled with his friendly demeanor, has solidified his position as a key figure in the Fox News team.

bright future

Todd Pirro is back at work, balancing his responsibilities as a news anchor and father of two, and he looks forward to future adventures with his extended family. His recent experiences highlight the joys and challenges of parenthood, providing a relatable story for many viewers.

Pirro’s experience is a testament to balancing career and family life, a common theme for many working parents. His story is an inspiration to those on a similar path, showing that with support and a positive attitude, it is possible to excel both professionally and personally.

All in all, Todd Pirro’s return to Fox & Friends following the birth of his second daughter, Alexis, is a joyous occasion for the news anchor and his family. His seamless return to the show, coupled with the love and support from his colleagues, highlights the importance of family and the joy that comes with a new life. As he continues his career at Fox News, viewers can expect more touching moments and engaging journalism from this dedicated father and professional.

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