Tony Evans new wife age, everything about new partner Kara Crumi

Tony Evans, a prominent figure in Christian ministry, recently opened a new chapter in his private life with his marriage to Dr. Kara Crumi. The news has sparked interest and discussion among his followers and the public at large. This article delves into the details of his remarriage and highlights his wife’s career and background and the implications of this marriage for the future.

Who is Tony Evans?

Prof. Tony Evans is a renowned Christian pastor, author, and public speaker known for the spiritual depth and practical application of the Christian faith. As the senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas, Evans can have a huge impact on his church and the world. Evans’ ministry spans a variety of mediums, such as broadcast and radio programs as well as books and other internet-based tools.

How did Tony meet Kara Crumi?

In September 2023, Tony Evans made a moving announcement at his 74th birthday celebration when he introduced Dr. Carla Crummie to his congregation and the world as his fiancée. They were married in December 2023 in an intimate ceremony attended by relatives and close family members. The couple’s relationship was born out of a shared commitment to healing, faith, and community support, creating a strong emotional and spiritual bond.

Who is Kara Crumi?

Carla Crummie, now married to Tony Evans, is a renowned Christian counselor and psychotherapist. She was born on August 13, 1970 and is now 53 years old. She has dedicated much of her professional life to helping people navigate their emotional and spiritual journeys, with a focus on Christian counseling, family reconciliation and couples therapy. She is also the voice of compassion and kindness at Urban Alternative. She is also a certified coach with John Maxwell.

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What brought Kara and Tony together?

Both Kara and Tony were victims of devastating personal tragedies that changed their lives and ministries. Kara was previously engaged to Dr. Robert W. Crummey, who passed away in January 2020. Tony lost his first wife, Lois Evans, to bile tract cancer at the end of the year. Shared experiences of grief and healing were the main factors that connected them and created the bond of respect and understanding that formed the foundation of their relationship.

How did society react to their marriage?

The union of Tony Evans and Kara Crumi was loved and supported by the community. As prominent members of the Christian Church, their marriage was viewed not only as a celebration of their individual lives, but also as an affirmation of their shared commitment to counseling and service. Their focus on compassion and reconciliation was loved by followers who were eager to see how their efforts could improve their work and outreach.

What plans do they have for the future?

In the future, Tony and Carla plan to continue their mission in the areas of ministry and counseling, with a renewed emphasis on community healing and family. Their own experiences, as well as their expertise, are expected to enhance their contributions to Urban Alternatives and other related programs. Furthermore, their union represents the beginning of a new chapter, bringing optimism and hope to all those facing similar challenges.

in conclusion

Tony Evans’ remarriage to Kara Crumi marks an important phase in his life and career. This marriage is filled with new opportunities for personal growth and community impact. Their story embodies the power of faith and determination and serves as an example for many. As they continue to work together and build on their respective strengths, they can also grow their own preaching abilities and expand the impact of the churches they serve.

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