VoChill Valuation – Latest Update after Shark Tank!

Wine is best enjoyed chilled, but putting it in the fridge takes time, and adding ice can dilute the flavor of the drink. With VoChill, you don’t have to worry about that. The device is a wine glass cooler that keeps your drink at the perfect temperature. Founders Lisa and Randall Pawlik pitched their business on Shark Tank, and today VoChill is valued at around $5 million.

About the Founder

Lisa and Randall Pawlik are a married couple living in Austin, Texas. Randall describes himself as a tinkerer who is proficient in CAD design, while Lisa is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Communications.

Randall wanted to start his own business as a kid. He sold pecans to his teachers and grapefruit from his family’s farm. He also loved taking machines apart to see how they worked.

His partner Lisa started out as a business development assistant at Austrade and spent ten years at HEB as an innovation research analyst and marketing manager.

Founding VoChill

The Pawliks are wine lovers who like to drink slowly, and when they enjoy their wine at the bar, they are tired of their chilled wine quickly losing its perfection in the Texas heat.

They wanted something that would maintain temperature without compromising the wine tasting experience. This inspired Randall to design a stylish cooler that could hold a single wine glass and keep it cool at all times.

Randall worked with both the handle- and handle-free versions. Both had to be placed in the refrigerator before use. His wife decided to leave her stable job to become CEO of VoChill, which she founded in 2020.

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Appeared on Shark Tank

Finding investors and manufacturers took longer than expected, but they were lucky to find business partners who had faith in the startup. The company had no trouble attracting media attention and made the front page of NBC News and USA Today.

They also saw a big boost in sales, as Oprah Winfrey listed VoChill as one of her favorite things of 2022. The company had strong early sales, but Lisa and Randall Paulick needed to scale the business. The couple was offered a spot on Season 14, Episode 10, but turned down Kevin’s $300,000 royalty deal.

After Shark Tank

They experienced the infamous “Shark Tank effect” after VoChill’s show aired in January 2023. Airing on national television is a million-dollar ad, and the company should have earned at least $100,000 from the publicity.

Currently, there are two ways to buy this wine glass cooler. The first is through their website VoChill.com, and the other is through Amazon. On Amazon, the handle version of this product is selling well and has a 4.5 star rating from 854 reviews.

Reviews are generally positive, but some customers complain that their drinks don’t stay cold for long. Other reviews are from people who received it as a gift and they praise its stylish design. It seems to be a popular gift for Christmas and Mother’s Day!

Many wine products have been pitched on Shark Tank over the years with mixed success. ProntoBev, also a wine chiller, had a deal with Kevin O’Leary but the company failed and is still in the prototype stage. But then came Copa Di Vino, now valued at $25 million! Here’s to VoChill being the next big success story on Shark Tank!

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