What is Dee Wallace Net Worth 2024: Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships etc.

Curious about Dee Wallace net worth? This seasoned actress has not only made her mark in Hollywood but has also built a considerable fortune. In this article, we delve into Dee Wallace’s financial achievements and explore her impressive career. Join Rachel Parris for the full scoop on her wealth and more.

Quick information

Real name Deanna Bowers
Popular name Dee Wallace
Sex Female
Date of birth December 14, 1948
Year old 75
Parents Maxine Nichols, Robert Stanley Bowers
Siblings do not apply
Place of birth Kansas City, Kansas, USA
Nationality American
Nation White skin-man
Education University of Kansas
Marital status Married
Sexual orientation Straight
Wife/Wife/husband Christopher Stone (deceased), Skip Belyea
Children Gabrielle Stone
Dating do not apply
Net value 500,000 USD
Origin of wealth Acting, Writing, Public Speaking
Category Horror, Drama, Comedy
Height 1.64 m

What is Dee Wallace’s net worth in 2024?

What is Dee Wallace's net worth in 2024

Dee Wallace, famous for her roles in iconic horror films and the blockbuster ET the Extra-Terrestrial, has a net worth of 500,000 USD from 2024.

This may seem modest compared to some of her contemporaries, but it reflects her steady work and diverse career in Hollywood.

For example, actresses like Jamie Lee Curtis And Sigourney Weaverwho also have strong ties to the horror genre, boasting net worths of around $60 million and $50 million respectively.

By comparison, Dee Wallace’s net worth highlights her more niche yet influential career. Other actresses like Linda Blair And Heather Langenkamp have net assets of $6 million and $1 million respectively, placing Dee Wallace in a different financial bracket but still respected in her field.

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Early life and early career

Born Deanna Bowers in Kansas City, Kansas, Dee Wallace had a tumultuous early life. Her father, Robert Stanley Bowers, battled severe alcoholism and tragically committed suicide during her high school years.

Her mother, Maxine Nichols, was a theater actress, which sparked Dee’s interest in the arts. After graduating from Wyandotte High School, she attended the University of Kansas, where she pursued dance before turning to acting.

This change took her to Hollywood, where she began appearing in television shows such as Streets of San Francisco And Starsky & Hutch.

Main movie roles and income

Dee Wallace Full overview and wiki

Her big break came with her role in the horror film The hill has eyes in 1977. However, that was her role as Mary Taylor in Steven Spielberg’s film ET aliens in 1982 solidified her position in Hollywood.

She continues to thrive in the horror genre with memorable performances in howls, CujoAnd creature. These roles not only helped her become a horror icon but also contributed significantly to her income.

Highlights in television career

In addition to her film career, she also has a successful career on television. She starred in the sitcom Stand together and family drama New Lassie.

She also guested on many famous shows, including Murder, she wrote, Touched by an angelAnd Office. In particular, she appeared on General Hospital as Patricia Spencer, a role that earned her a Daytime Emmy nomination.

Contribute as an author and public speaker

In addition to acting, she is also a successful author and speaker. She has written many self-help books, including Light And Conscious creation.

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Additionally, she hosts a radio show focused on personal development and gave a TED talk titled The Common Ground of the Self. These efforts demonstrate her flexibility and commitment to helping others through her experiences.

Legacy and influence in the film industry

Dee Wallace’s impact on the horror genre is undeniable. Her roles in films such as howls And Cujo has inspired countless actors and filmmakers.

She remains a beloved figure in Hollywood, respected for her contributions and long association with the industry. One of the highest-paid actresses on television at the peak of her career, her influence extended beyond the screen to her work as an author and speaker.

Social Media

Twitter: https://x.com/Dee_Wallace – 34k followers

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DeeWallaceOfficialFB/ – 41k followers

Frequently asked questions about Dee Wallace

Frequently asked questions about Dee Wallace

Who is Dee Wallace?

Dee Wallace is an American actress known for her role as Mary in the classic film ET the Extra-Terrestrial. She has had a successful career in film and television, spanning more than four decades.

What are some notable movies that Dee Wallace has been in?

She has appeared in many films, including Cujo, The Howling, The Frighteners and Critters. Her role in ET the Extra-Terrestrial remains one of her most iconic roles.

Did she win any awards?

That’s right, she has received various awards throughout her career, including nominations and awards from the Saturn Awards and the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards for her contributions to horror genre.

Does Dee Wallace participate in any other activities besides acting?

In addition to acting, she is also an inspirational speaker, author, and healer. She is passionate about promoting health and personal growth, sharing her insights through books and public speaking engagements.

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What is her background?

She was born on December 14, 1948 in Kansas City, Kansas. She began her journey in the entertainment industry with local theater productions before moving into film and television.

Has she worked in television?

Yes, she’s made significant contributions to television, appearing in shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Crime Minds, and Supernatural. She has shown her versatility across a variety of genres and formats.

Is Dee Wallace involved in any charitable activities?

She is an active animal rights advocate. She supports many animal welfare organizations and is committed to promoting animal rights and welfare.

What inspired you to pursue acting?

She discovered her passion for acting at a young age while growing up in Kansas City. Early participation in local theater productions sparked her passion for pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.

What are some recent projects she has been involved in?

She continues to be active in the film industry with recent appearances in films such as 3 from Hell and Critters Attack! She is still active and participates in various film and television projects.


Her net worth is a testament to her long-term success in the entertainment industry. From her iconic roles to her wise financial decisions, she’s truly a star on and off the screen.

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