What is Wade MacNeil Net Worth 2024: Wiki, Real Name, Age, Height, Family

Discussions of Wade MacNeil’s net worth often highlight his considerable influence as a musician. One of the top talents born in 1984, this overview delves into the creative and financial milestones that defined his career.

Let’s take a closer look at the factors that shaped his industry standing.

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Real name Wade MacNeil
Popular name Wade MacNeil
Sex male
Date of birth May 5, 1984
Year old 39
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Place of birth Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Nationality Canadian
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Origin of wealth Contribute music, radio, film
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What is Wade MacNeil’s net worth in 2024?

What is Wade MacNeil's net worth in 2024?

Discussing the net worth of celebrities like Wade MacNeil can be quite interesting, especially when specific figures aren’t readily available. Although his exact net worth is not publicly revealed, we can infer that his financial situation is probably very strong thanks to his multifaceted career.

By comparison, bandmates from Alexisonfire like George Pettit, Jordan Hastings and Chris Steele have similar goals but different visibility and roles that can affect their earnings.

Jesse Ingelevics, another former member, also has a diversified portfolio that could boost their earnings to similar levels.

Wade’s involvement in bands like Gallows and projects like Dooms Children, along with work scoring for radio and film, underscores a potentially lucrative but unquantified financial profile.

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Wade MacNeil Full Overview and Wiki

Wade MacNeil Full Overview and Wiki

Early Start and Alexisonfire

Wade MacNeil, a key figure in the Canadian music scene, co-founded Alexisonfire in the fall of 2001. His journey began when Dallas Green sought his help booking shows for the band at at that time, Helicon Blue.

Along with drummer Jesse Ingelevics, they laid the foundation for what would become a force to be reckoned with in the post-hardcore genre.

Wade’s role as both guitarist and backing singer was crucial in creating the band’s unique sound, characterized by its blend of melodic and hardcore elements.

Switch to the gallows

In 2011, Wade’s career had an important turning point when he joined the British Hardcore band Gallows, replacing Frank Carter as lead vocalist. This change comes shortly after Alexisonfire announced their disbandment, making the timing fortuitous.

Wade’s debut with Gallows was marked by the EP Death Is Birth, which signaled a new era for the band. His powerful vocals and dynamic stage presence have helped Gallows maintain their fierce reputation in the hardcore punk scene.

Explore black lung children and doom

In addition to roles in Alexisonfire and Gallows, Wade also ventured into personal projects such as Black Lungs, which began as a side project but quickly evolved into a substantial effort that showcased his versatility in punk rock.

In 2021, he presented Dooms Children, a psychedelic rock project that allowed him to explore more introspective and serene soundscapes, distinctly different from his hardcore roots.

Contribute to movies and video games

In addition to his bands and performances, Wade has also made notable contributions to other forms of media. He composed the score for the film Goon: Last of the Enforcers and worked with Andrew Gordon Macpherson on the soundtrack for The Ranger.

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Furthermore, his collaborations continued in the game world, contributing to the soundtrack for Far Cry 5’s arcade mode, further demonstrating his adaptability and creative range.

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Frequently asked questions about Wade MacNeil

Frequently asked questions about Wade MacNeil

Who is Wade MacNeil?

He is a Canadian musician known for his work in several bands including Alexisonfire, Gallows and Black Lungs. He is a versatile artist involved in many different musical genres and projects.

Which band is Wade MacNeil associated with?

He is best known for his work with Alexisonfire as a guitarist and singer, as well as with Gallows and Black Lungs, where he also played significant roles.

Has MacNeil ever done any solo projects?

That’s right, he launched a psychedelic rock project called Dooms Children in 2021, showcasing another side of his musical talent.

What are some notable collaborations or cameo appearances by Wade MacNeil?

Wade has collaborated on various projects, including composing music for films such as Goon: Last of the Enforcers and video games such as Far Cry 5.

How did MacNeil start his career?

He began his music career immediately after graduating from high school and quickly became known in punk and hardcore music circles for his energetic performances and innovative songwriting.

What musical instrument does he play?

He is proficient in several musical instruments including many models of Gibson guitars, Morris Amps and others commonly used in rock and punk music.

What are some of MacNeil’s musical influences?

Wade’s musical style is influenced by punk music, which he has incorporated into his work with his bands. His diverse musical interests are reflected in his various projects.

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Is MacNeil involved in music production?

That’s right, in addition to performing, he is also involved in composing and producing music for movies and video games, demonstrating his versatility as an artist.

What challenges has Wade faced in his music career?

Switching between bands and musical styles was challenging for Wade, especially when he moved from Alexisonfire to Gallows and had to adapt to the culture and expectations of another band.

What is unique about MacNeil’s performance style?

Known for his dynamic live performances, Wade often interacts with the audience and uses the stage creatively to heighten the energy of his performances.


In conclusion, Wade MacNeil’s financial insights reflect more than just income; they narrate a story of artistic endeavor and respect within the industry.

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