Who is Bambidoe? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Let’s talk about one of the hottest names in hip-hop – Bambidoe. You may have heard of her name before as Sauce Walka’s girlfriend, but this young lady is more than just a rapper’s partner.

With a growing fan base and an impressive career, Bambidoe has made a name for herself in the music industry. So, let’s dive into her life and find out about her age, career, family, net worth, and height in 2024 Bambidoe’s biography.

Who is Bambidoe?

Who is Bambidoe? Age, occupation, family, net worth, height, profile 2024

Bambidoe is more than just a celebrity girlfriend. She is a shining star in the music sky, all on her own. While many know her for her relationship with Sauce Walka, Bambidoe has her own melodies and tunes. She is making waves with her own unique style and voice.

Not only does she have a pretty face, she is also talented, energetic and creative. From singing to dancing, she has a lot to offer. Fans love her relaxing vibe and great music. Bambidoe is on the rise, leaving her mark with every beat and lyric.

Bambidoe Biography/Wiki

Attributes information
Real name Bambi
Nick name Bam
Famous Rapper Sauce Walka’s girlfriend
age 34 years old
Birthday June 29, 1990
place of birth USA
Birth sign Leo
Country of Citizenship American
Race mix
religion Christianity

Bambi’s Early Life

Bambidoe was a little girl with big dreams. She grew up in a place full of music and joy. Her family loved music, and so did she. Bambidoe discovered her passion for singing early on. She would sing at home, at school, and in the park.

Her friends and family knew she was special. They always said, “Bambidoe, you’re going to be a star someday!” She worked hard and practiced singing every chance she got. The school play was her first stage, and she shone there.

At a young age, Bambidoe knew music was her path. She made a commitment to follow her heart and step into the spotlight.

Bambi family

Bambidoe comes from a super cool family. They love music as much as she does. There is always music playing at home. Her mom and dad support her dream of singing. She has a younger brother who thinks she is a star.

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They are all very close and have a lot of fun together. Bambidoe says her family is her biggest cheerleader. They go to her shows and cheer loudly. Her family’s love for music also made her fall in love with music. They are a big reason why she does what she loves.

Bambidoe Husband/Boyfriend

Bambidoe and Sauce Walka are very close. He is a famous rapper from Houston, Texas. They make a great couple and often appear in fun photos together. They are often seen smiling and having a good time at music events. Sauce Walka supports Bambidoe’s music dreams.

He cheers for her like she is the biggest star. They share a lot of love and laughter, making them a fun couple. Bambidoe says Sauce Walka is her best friend. They love making music and dancing together. Their love story is like a sweet melody, full of happiness and rhythm.

Bambi’s height and appearance

Attributes information
high Approximately 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters)
weight Approximately 55 kg (121 lbs)
Body Measurements Approx. 36-26-42 inches
Bra cup size Thirty-four C
Eye Color Black
hair color Black
Shoe size 5 (United States)
Boy friend Sauce Walka aka Albert Walker Mondane
spouse not applicable
net worth About $50,000


Bambidoe has a very cool and unique background. Her ethnic background is like a colorful painting with lots of colors. This adds to her unique personality and style. People from all backgrounds can relate to her. This makes her music even more special.

Bambidoe loves to celebrate her heritage. This inspires her songs and her dress style. She shows us how beautiful it is to be different. Her ethnicity is a blend of beauty and culture. This helps her connect with her fans around the world. Bambidoe’s background is a big part of her identity.

Who is Bambidoe? Age, occupation, family, net worth, height, profile 2024


She loves to read these books in her free time. Bambidoe also has a pet dog named Melody. She says Melody is her best furry friend. She really likes spicy food; the spicier the better! Bambidoe has a secret talent for drawing.

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When she’s not making music, she draws comics. One time, she met a famous movie star and was very excited. Bambidoe loves roller coasters; the faster, the better for her! She also collects sneakers and has a room dedicated to them. Isn’t that cool?

Bambidoe’s Favorite Things

Sing out loud:

Bambidoe sings whenever she gets the chance. She loves to fill the space with her voice.

Spend time with Sauce Walka:

Hanging out with her boyfriend is so much fun for her. They have so many laughs together.

Her dog “Walking Melody”:

Walking with Melody is a must. It is their one and only bonding time.

Eating spicy food:

The spicier it is, the more it pleases her taste buds. She can never get enough spicy food.

Draw the cartoon:

When the music takes a back seat, her sketches come to life. She is an amazing artist.

Ride a Roller Coaster:

The thrill of riding at high speeds excites her. She seeks out this kind of pleasure.

Collecting sneakers:

She has a room to store all her cool shoes. Each pair of shoes tells a story.

Interesting facts about Bambidoe

  • Bambidoe likes pink. It’s her favorite color.
  • She speaks two languages ​​fluently. How cool is that?
  • On weekends, she likes to bake cookies. So yummy!
  • Bambidoe is a huge fan of superhero movies. She never misses any movie.
  • She once won a dance competition in her hometown. Go ahead, Bambidoe!
  • Her dream vacation destination is Japan. She hopes to travel to Japan one day.
  • Bambi has a hidden juggling talent. Yes, really!
  • She is afraid of spiders. Oops!

Bambidoe Onlyfans

Bambidoe shares cool stuff on her Onlyfans page. It’s a place where her loyal fans can see unique stuff. She posts behind-the-scenes videos of her music career, including clips of her singing new songs. Sometimes, she shares clips of her singing new songs, including leaked clips from her Onlyfans page.

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It’s like getting a VIP pass into her world, especially exclusive content like the Bambidoe leaked footage. Her fans love seeing what she’s up to, and they eagerly await any Bambidoe fans-only leaks.

Bambidoe also chats with them and makes them feel very special. It’s fun for her to connect with people who support her music. She always makes sure her Onlyfans page is full of surprises!

Who is Bambidoe? Age, occupation, family, net worth, height, profile 2024


How old is Bambi?

We kept it a bit of a secret but she is young and beautiful!

What fun things does Bambidoe do?

She enjoys singing, playing with Sauce Walka, and walking her dog, Melody.

Does Bambidoe create his own music?

Yes, she is very talented and writes her own music.

Where did Bambidoe come from?

She, like her, comes from a place of music and joy.

Can Bambi dance?

Of course! She once won a dancing competition, remember?

What is Bambidoe’s favorite food?

Spicy things. The spicier, the better for her.

Is Bambidoe on social media?

Absolutely! She loves sharing her life with her fans online.

Conclusion about Bambidoe

Now, we know a lot about Bambidoe. She’s super cool and talented. Her music is great and she’s awesome. Bambidoe and Sauce Walka are a great duo. They have a lot of fun together.

She loves her dog Melody very much. Spicy food and drawing comics are her hobbies. She is brave on roller coasters and has a big heart. Bambidoe is a rising star with her songs and style.

We can’t wait to see what she does next. She’s one to watch. Keep shining, Bambi!

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