Who is Sofia Rose? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Sofia Rose is a talented and captivating American actress and model from Los Angeles, California. With her stunning looks and undeniable talent, she has made a name for herself in the adult industry since her debut in 2007 at 32. Born on July 24, 1975, Sofia is 49 years old as of 2024.

Despite being relatively new to the industry, she has already amassed a considerable fan following and has millions of followers on various social media platforms. Her captivating performances and charming personality have made her a popular figure in the AV industry.

In this blog post, we will delve into the life of Sofia Rose and learn more about her background, career, family, net worth, height, and other interesting facts about this rising star. So, let’s dive into her fascinating world and get to know the multi-talented Sofia Rose better.

Sofia Rose Bio/wiki

Attribute Details
Full Name Sofia Rose
Year Activity 2007-Present
Birthdate 24 July 1975
Birthplace California, United States
Nationality American
Profession Actress
Age in 2024 49 years
Zodiac Sign Leo
Religion Christianity
Gender Female

Who is Sofia Rose?

Frequently Asked Questions Who is Sofia Rose? She is a famous American actress. What is her Birth Date? Her date of birth is July 24, 1975. What is her age in the year 2024? She will be 49 in 2024. What's her nationality? Her nationality is American. What is her astrological sign and religion? Her zodiac sign is Leo, and she is from a Christian household.

Sofia Rose, a renowned and curvaceous Latina actress, has carved a niche within the adult entertainment sector. Well-regarded as a Big Beautiful Woman, Sofia’s distinct persona and talent have facilitated her collaboration with major players, particularly in the AV industry.

Rose is known for her acting prowess and resilience, for avoiding travelling far to pursue her career in Los Angeles, California. Her journey in the industry began at 32 and has seen her transcend norms and become a celebrated figure.

Sofia Rose is relatively reserved in her private life, with little publicly disclosed about her family details, relationships, or potential controversies. Her age, weight, and height, amongst other personal information, will be further discussed in the succeeding sections. With her considerable following and increasing popularity, Sofia Rose has left an indelible mark in her field.

Sofia Rose Education

Sofia Rose is a well-rounded individual, both professionally and academically. She honed her academic skills at the prestigious Westonbirt School near Tetbury in Gloucestershire, South West England. Established in 1928, the Westonbirt School is a renowned co-educational independent day and boarding school cultivating many talents.

Rose is one of the institution’s proud alumni who graduated with her high school diploma. After finishing high school, whether Rose furthered her education by attending college remains to be seen.

However, the intelligence and wit she displayed through her work and interviews suggest a solid educational foundation. Despite her unconventional career choice, her academic background at Westonbirt School has undoubtedly shaped the confident and booming woman she is today.

Sofia Rose Family

Sofia Rose hails from an affluent background, being the daughter of Anthony and Elizabeth. Anthony, her father, is a successful venture capitalist and the Managing Director of the esteemed fashion group Jaeger. Elizabeth’s mother managed a prosperous cashmere wool knitwear enterprise, further adding to the family’s affluence.

Interestingly, Elizabeth also maintains a close friendship with Major Ron Ferguson, father of the Duchess of York. This association with the British royalty adds a unique aspect to Sofia’s lineage. Both Anthony and Elizabeth reside in a luxurious brown house in Southrop.

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The UK features a swimming pool and exquisite interior, symbolizing their wealth and high social standing. The influence of Sofia’s successful and hardworking parents undoubtedly played a part in shaping her strong character and ambitious nature, contributing to her success in the advertising industry.

Sofia Rose Husband/boyfriend

Despite her visibility in the public eye, Sofia Rose has successfully kept her personal life under wraps. Her marital status is currently unmarried, and she has not publicized any romantic involvements. Whether or not she’s engaged in past relationships or affairs remains a mystery.

Sofia’s preference for privacy regarding her love life speaks to her professionalism, as she keeps her career separate from her personal affairs despite the speculation and curiosity that often surround celebrities’ love lives.

Sofia’s decision to maintain discretion underscores her individuality and independence. She remains a singular force in the industry, focusing primarily on her professional growth and development.

Sofia Rose Height & Physical Appearances

Attribute Details
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Body Measurement 36-28-38 inches
Weight 49 kilograms
Bra/Chest Size 38 inches
Hobbies Shopping, listening to Music
Body type Smart


Who is Sofia Rose? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Sofia Rose is of Mexican and Irish descent, highlighting a rich cultural background. This blend of Latin and Irish roots contributed to her striking physical appearance and versatile persona.

Her Latin heritage is deeply embedded in her character and is often reflected in her work, especially her strong, resilient, and passionate performances. Simultaneously, her Irish lineage contributes to her spirited and vivacious character traits.

This potent combination of cultures and traditions is integral to Sofia’s identity, making her a unique figure in the industry. Sofia Rose is proud of her dual heritage, and it is evident that her ethnicity plays a crucial role in shaping her personality and career trajectory.

TRIVIA About Sofia Rose Pics

While she is well-known in the industry and on social media platforms, Sofia Rose remains an enigma. Her love for privacy extends beyond her personal life and into her hobbies and interests. However, a few tidbits about Sofia that fans may find intriguing include her passion for travelling and exploring new places.

Despite her busy schedule, she makes time to experience different cultures and cuisines, further enriching her diverse background. Sofia is also an ardent animal lover and owns a pet cat named Fluffy, who frequently appears on her social media. The actress’s passion for fitness is another lesser-known fact about her.

She regularly practices yoga and believes in maintaining a balanced diet to stay fit and healthy. Sofia leads a regular lifestyle and is a testament to breaking stereotypes associated with her line of work. Her story continually unfolds, leaving her fans and followers eager for more glimpses into her life beyond the screen.

Before Fame

Sofia Rose, born July 24, 1975, is an eminent American actress in the entertainment industry, known for her captivating performances and resolute persona. Embarking on her career journey in 2007, the 49-year-old actress has since made her mark in the industry, particularly in the Av domain. Her affluent background, being the offspring of successful entrepreneurs, has undoubtedly played a role in her professional success.

Despite being a public figure, she has maintained a low profile regarding her love life. Sofia, a blend of Mexican and Irish descent, showcases her cultural heritage through her versatile performances. While her net worth has not been publicly disclosed, it’s undeniable that her successful career has contributed to her financial stability.

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Physically, she is a stunning figure; however, her exact height and other body measurements are yet to be revealed. Despite working in an unconventional field, Sofia leads a balanced lifestyle, emphasizing fitness and exploration. Her journey intrigues her as she persistently breaks stereotypes associated with her profession.

Sofia Rose Career

Despite the late start, her unique aura and commendable talent saw her quickly climb the ranks to prominence. Her portfolio comprises collaborations with some of the top companies in the industry, further solidifying her position.

She has performed in various genres, proving her versatility as an actress. The pinnacle of her career came in 2021 when she was honoured at the prestigious AVN Awards, an accolade highlighting her industry contributions and talents.

This award not only validated her dedication but also placed her amongst the elite in the industry. Sofia’s career is an inspiring testament to her resilience, proving that success can be achieved at any age.

Who is Sofia Rose? Age, Career, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Sofia Rose Net Worth in 2024

As an actress and model, Sofia Rose’s primary income sources are her acting assignments and sponsorship deals. With an impressive career that spans over a decade in the industry, Sofia has managed to earn a decent income.

As of 2024, she brings in an estimated average of $50k to $70k monthly. Her accumulated wealth from these various revenue streams has led to a significant net worth. It’s estimated that Sofia Rose’s net worth is approximately $1 Million.

This impressive figure is a testament to her talent, hard work, and dedication to her craft. Despite the challenges of her chosen profession, Sofia has been able to carve out a successful and profitable career for herself.

Sofia Rose Awards and Honors

Sofia Rose has received multiple accolades throughout her career, a testament to her outstanding performance in the entertainment industry. She has been recognized for her exemplary performances and honoured with several prestigious awards.

In addition, Sofia was also the proud recipient of the esteemed AVN Award, a distinguished honour in the industry that highlights her prominence and dedication to her craft.

These recognitions underline her remarkable talent, establishing her as an influential and highly respected figure in the adult film industry. Her award-winning journey continues to inspire, setting the bar high for emerging talents in the field.

Sofia Rose’s Hobbies

Outdoor Activities:

The California native loves nature and often enjoys hiking or exploring the great outdoors. She finds it rejuvenating and a great way to stay active.


She is also passionate about cooking, often experimenting with new recipes and cuisines. This hobby provides a creative outlet and a way to express her love for food.


Sofia practices yoga regularly to maintain her physical fitness and mental peace. It helps her unwind and refocus after a hectic day.


Sofia loves diving into a good book. She finds it a great way to relax and broaden her horizons.

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As a model, Sofia naturally has an interest in fashion. She enjoys keeping up with the latest trends and often indulges in shopping sprees.


Last but not least, Sofia loves to travel. She enjoys exploring new cultures, tasting diverse cuisines, and gaining new experiences.

Sofia Rose’s Favorite Things


Sofia’s passion for cooking has a parallel in her love for food. Sushi is her favourite, and she always tries new sushi places.


In her downtime, Sofia prefers to lose herself in the world of fiction. Her all-time favourite book is “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald.


Sofia loves a good drama movie. “The Godfather” series tops her list of all-time favourite movies.


Sofia is particularly fond of red, which is empowering and fashion-forward.


Sofia has eclectic music tastes but is particularly fond of pop and jazz.

Travel Destination:

Sofia’s love for travel is well-known. Her favourite destination is the picturesque city of Paris, known for its stunning architecture and delightful cuisine.


Sofia loves staying active and enjoys a friendly volleyball game, particularly beach volleyball.

Fashion Brand:

Given her interest in fashion, it’s no surprise that Sofia has a favourite brand. She has a soft spot for Chanel’s timeless elegance.

Fun Facts about Sofia Rosa

  • Digging deeper into Sofia Rose’s life reveals some fascinating tidbits.
  • First, did you know she’s an avid animal lover?
  • Her Instagram feed is filled with cute pictures of her pets.
  • Also, despite her love for food and cooking, Sofia can’t stand the taste of cilantro! Additionally, she’s not just a model and actress but also a shrewd businesswoman.
  • Moreover, she is a certified scuba diver and loves exploring underwater life.
  • Lastly, Sofia is an early bird and prefers starting her day at dawn.
  • These fun facts glimpse Sofia Rose’s life off-camera and underscore her vibrant personality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Sofia Rose?

She is a famous American actress.

Sofia Rose Birth Of Date?

Her date of birth is July 24, 1975.

What is Sofia Rose age in the year 2024?

What’s her nationality?

Her nationality is American.

What is her astrological sign and religion?

Her zodiac sign is Leo, and she is from a Christian household.


Sofia Rose, a Californian at heart, has emerged as a talented actress and model. Her dynamic persona is displayed through her career choices and her fascinating array of hobbies. She’s a nature enthusiast, a keen cook, a yoga practitioner, and a voracious reader.

Additionally, her love for fashion and travel encapsulates her lively spirit. Beyond her favourite things that offer a glimpse into her unique preferences, her life is brimming with surprising facts.

From being a pet lover to a skincare entrepreneur, she is a woman of many talents. Sofia’s multilingual skills and scuba diving certification also reveal her adventurous side. Finally, her dislike for cilantro and early bird habits add quirky elements to her profile.

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