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Tonight, at the Berlin Film Festival, one of the world’s top film events, Rebecca Miller’s She Came to Me will have its world premiere, an out-of-competition film with a formidable cast that carries great significance.

Rebecca Miller joins Anne Hathaway, Peter Dinklage, Marisa Tomei, Joanna Kulig and Evan Ellison (the main cast of her upcoming New York-set film) to meet with the press to discuss the nuances and expectations of the film. Hathaway serves as a producer on this multi-generational story that promises depth and diversity in its exploration of love.

Anne Hathaway noted that movies have universal appeal, regardless of the scale of production. She emphasized her love of film as an art form that thrives on diversity and audience participation; her interest in both independent and mainstream films highlights a larger cultural discussion about the changing dynamics of film consumption and production.

Insights and Vision

She Came to Me, Miller’s fourth film to be screened in Berlin, is an in-depth exploration of love in all its forms. The story weaves the characters’ lives around themes of passion, creativity and rediscovery; Peter Dinklage stars as a composer who finds new inspiration after an adventurous encounter, while other stories explore young love or unexpected romance.

Dinklage shared his personal reflections at the press conference, looking back on the trajectory of his career and exploring his creative inspirations in his 50s. His commitment to actively seeking inspiration rather than waiting for it reflects his positive attitude towards life and acting.

Marisa Tomei said she wanted to work with Miller because his films perfectly blend humor and depth, which attracted her. When she received the script, she immediately took it with joy because the script emphasized how effective storytelling can connect actors and audiences.

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Global stage

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will attend this year’s opening ceremony and give a speech, showing international style. His participation shows that the film festival is not only an entertainment event, but also a stage for cultural and political dialogue. Rebecca Miller described filmmaking as an “act of patriotism” and said that art can promote peace by sharing different national narratives.

The Berlinale’s focus on well-known figures and political messages demonstrates its commitment to combining artistic expression with global issues to create cinematic experiences with depth and relevance.

She Came To Me is produced by an amazing team including Damon Cardassia, Pamela Koffler, Kristen Vachon, Len Blavatnik and Hathaway himself. Protagonist Pictures will handle international sales and CAA will handle North American representation; such strong representation ensures maximum reach and distribution for the film.

As the Berlin Film Festival lineup is unveiled, She Came to Me sets a standard of excellence in narrative and performance, and is expected to bring a narrative experience full of artistic innovation and profound movement to the festival. She Came to Me is not only an event dedicated to the art of film, but also an occasion for profound cultural exchange and reflection – making this film event an important milestone that filmmakers and fans around the world cannot miss.

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