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In a groundbreaking survey conducted through The Athletic, general managers of the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) were asked to weigh in on a range of key issues that will shape the WNBA’s future over the next few years. Topics covered included identifying key players and coaches to build teams, rule changes and the possibility of league expansion. The survey was kept strictly confidential to ensure transparency and participation, and nine of the 12 general managers invited completed the survey.

What is the top priority for a WNBA general manager?

The survey shows that for top executives, the main concern is the composition of the team and the selection of outstanding players who can significantly change the direction of the organization. These players are often referred to as “unicorns” because of their unique ability to change and are considered key to the team’s strategic action plan. The limitation that general managers cannot select players from the team shows the widespread appreciation of talent throughout the league.

Who are viewed as franchise-changing talents?

While the names of specific players were kept private to protect the integrity of the survey and ensure confidentiality of responses, the discussion pointed to some key traits that define great team players. They are able to demonstrate exceptional leadership, both on both ends of the court, and the ability to engage sponsors and fans, thereby increasing the team’s appeal to potential buyers. The executive team agreed that having at least one such player is critical to the success and longevity of the team.

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What rule changes does the general manager advocate for?

General managers also provided valuable feedback on rule changes that would improve the league’s overall performance. While the survey did not describe all possible adjustments, it is clear that changes are needed to improve the flow and safety of the game. These changes may be more consistent with those in the NBA, indicating a desire for unified and simpler rules for the women’s and men’s National Basketball Leagues.

Is expansion coming?

Expansion is a hot topic among general managers. Many support the idea as an opportunity to expand the league’s influence and reach. Expansion could also create more positions for coaches, players and other staff members and increase the WNBA’s cultural influence. But the details of when and where expansion would take place, as well as strategic plans, remain topics of discussion.

in conclusion

The study provides an exclusive look into the minds of WNBA team leaders, providing insight into their goals, challenges and objectives regarding the league. The survey shows that teams are committed to developing players and expanding the league in a balanced way while also improving the fan experience and protecting the welfare of athletes. As WNBA leadership grows, the knowledge of executives will have a significant impact on the direction of the league.

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