Candice Dupree’s wife, explore all the details

Candice Dupree, a 15-year WNBA veteran who is wrapping up her season with the Indiana Fever at IMG Academy in Bradenton, has had a challenging but memorable journey through the WNBA quarantine, designed to keep players safe from the coronavirus, and was a unique experience for Dupree, who was scrambling to return to Florida from Hungary when President Trump enacted a European travel ban.

During her quarantine, Dupree has been involved in the league’s social justice initiatives. She’s met with the League of Women Voters to engage more with the voting community. Despite her busy schedule, Dupree has been thinking about her family, especially her three-year-old twin daughters, Cali and Demi, whom she raises with her wife, DeWanna Bonner.

Family Life at Wesley Chapel

Dupree’s home is Wesley Chapel, where she is eager to return to her role as a stay-at-home mom. Raising twins Bonner and Dupree has not been easy, especially since they are both WNBA players with different schedules. Before the pandemic, Dupree played in Hungary and Bonner played in China, so their travel schedules were very busy and there was little time to rest.

During the bubble season, Dupree relied on her mother, Patti, and twin sister, Crystal, to take care of Carly and Demi. Dupree joked that Crystal had applied to be a nanny the day Bonner gave birth to the twins. The restrictions of the bubble made it impractical to bring the twins along because they didn’t have the freedom to play and go to school like they do at home.

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Achievements and reflections

Dupree’s career has proven her consistency and skill. She is the leading scorer in Wharton history and won the Dottie McGahey Gold Award as Hillsborough County’s top female player in the 2001-02 season while maintaining a 4.8 GPA. At Temple University, she played for three-time Olympic gold medalist Dawn Staley and was selected by the University of Chicago with the sixth overall pick in the 2006 WNBA draft.

During her career, Dupree was a seven-time All-Star and a 2014 WNBA champion, and is one of the top scorers in WNBA history, surpassing legends such as Lisa Leslie, Sue Bird and Tina Charles. She ranks second in field goal percentage, fourth in minutes played, and seventh in rebounds and games played. She averaged 15.7 points, 7.6 rebounds and led the league in field goal percentage in the 2010 season, which remains one of the best seasons in WNBA history.

Future plans and vision

With her WNBA career over, Dupree is in no rush to return to play in Europe. At 36, she is in good enough shape to continue playing for two more years. However, she is open to new opportunities, especially in professional coaching. Dupree is now a free agent, and while she is still passionate about playing, she is considering other career paths.

Back at Wesley Chapel, Dupree is looking forward to spending quality time with her daughters. Pasco County’s new Wiregrass Sports Campus near her home recently hosted the seventh annual Candace Dupree Invitational, a girls’ basketball tournament that Dupree sponsors. She is excited about the sports campus, which she believes has been needed in the area for years. Her daughters have shown an interest in different activities early on; one is leaning toward cheerleading, while the other is more interested in playing soccer.

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Enjoy the present moment

For now, Dupree is content to relax and enjoy her time at home. She plans to take her kids for walks and play in the pool while she thinks about her next career move. She admits she’s in no rush to make a decision and wants to cherish these moments with her family. Normally, she’d head to Europe after Christmas, but given the current global situation, she’s unsure about those plans.

Candice Dupree’s journey is far from over. Whether she continues to play in the WNBA, coach, or explore other opportunities, her place as one of the best in women’s basketball is firmly established. For now, she’s focused on her most important accomplishments: being a devoted mother to Carly and Demi, and a caring partner to DeWanna Bonner.

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