Meera Vasudevan’s husband, how did Meera and Vipin meet?

Meera Vasudevan, a well-known name in the Malayalam film industry, has started a new chapter in her personal life after marrying the skilled cinematographer Vipin Puthiyankam. They have been working on various projects from May to June 2019 and the wedding was announced just a month after the ceremony in Coimbatore. This is a major milestone in Meera’s life, as she has been married twice before.

How did Meera and Vipin meet?

Meera Vasudevan and Vipin Puthiyankam first met in the film industry. Their friendship grew over common projects and understanding of each other’s artistic perspectives. It was only in 2012 that their professional relationship blossomed into a romantic one, and they got married in April.

How was the wedding?

It was a private ceremony, reflecting the couple’s wish to maintain intimacy and privacy. The wedding took place in Coimbatore and was attended by family members from nearby and a few close family members, making it intimate yet meaningful. This ensured that the couple got the opportunity to celebrate their wedding with those close to them without the involvement of large crowds.

Why was the announcement delayed?

Meera and Vipin decided to announce their wedding on social media a month after the wedding. The delay gave them a chance to cherish their first moments together as husband and wife in private before showing their happiness to the world. They announced their special moment through a touching video with a heartwarming caption written by Meera herself.

What did Meera share about their relationship?

In a statement released on social media, Meera introduced her husband to her fans and then shared the story of their relationship. She expressed gratitude to her fans and requested everyone to give the same love and support to Vipin, who has become an integral part of her daily life. The actress’ message was full of happiness and optimism about their future life together.

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What do we know about Meera’s previous marriage?

Meera Vasudevan’s personal life came under scrutiny due to her previous marriages. She married Vishal Agarwal on May 1, 2005. Their marriage dissolved in 2010. Her second marriage was to Malayalam actor John Kokken in 2012, with whom she has a son. The couple separated in 2016. Meera’s experience changed her perspective on relationships and life, which made her relationship with Vipin stronger.

How did the public react?

The public response to Meera and Vipin’s wedding has been overwhelmingly positive. Well-wishers and fans have expressed their joy and appreciation for the couple, appreciating the sincerity and passion with which they announced their marriage. The couple’s choice to hold their wedding in secret has been praised and admired by many.

in conclusion

Meera Vasudevan and Vipin Puthiyankam’s wedding was more than just a simple beginning. It symbolized strength and the ability to find love and companionship in the face of hardship. For Meera, this union was not only about happiness as a couple, but also an exciting new phase of collaboration and growth. As they continue their professional collaboration, their bond will serve as a source of inspiration for their artistic expressions, making this a perfect combination of professional and personal fulfillment.

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