Chris Sacca Net Worth – Venture Capitalist and Shark Tank Guest!

Chris Sacca is a venture capitalist who rose to fame with his fund Lowercase Capital. Sacca made his fortune early on by investing in companies like Uber, Twitter, Stripe, and Instagram. He loves to share some stuff! Chris previously worked at Google and was a guest investor on Shark Tank. According to Forbes, Chris Sacca’s net worth is $1.2 billion in 2024.

early life

Christopher Sacca was born on May 12, 1975 in Lockport, New York. His father, Gerald, is a lawyer, and his mother, Katherine, is a writer and professor. His brother, Brian, is a famous actor and comedian.

As a child, Sarkar’s parents fostered a variety of interests in him, which made him an excellent student. In 1997, he graduated with honors with a degree in Foreign Service. In 2000, Sarkar received a Juris Doctorate in Law and Technology from Georgetown University.

Career Start

During law school, Chris used student loans to start a failed business. After graduation, he worked as an assistant at Fenwick & West in Silicon Valley, but was fired. By then he was 25 and had accumulated $4 million in debt from day trading.

He spent the next few months freelancing as a voiceover artist and drafting contracts, and after founding the networking organization The Salinger Group, he was hired by Speedera Networks.

Later, Google hired him as director of special initiatives, running the wireless division and alternative access. He led many of Google’s acquisitions, helping them maintain their dominance as the leading search engine.

go toward success

While working at Google, Chris began investing in startups as an angel investor. His first investment was in the photo hosting site Photobucket, and later in Twitter during its early stages. Sacca left Google in 2007 to focus on angel investing in early-stage startups.

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In 2010, he founded venture capital firm Lowercase Capital, which has invested in startups such as Kickstarter, Docker, Uber and Instagram. A decade later, Sacca co-founded a second fund, Lowercarbon, with the goal of funding companies that reduce carbon dioxide emissions while making money.

The success of his investment projects led to him being a guest investor on Shark Tank, where he had some heated arguments with another tech billionaire, Mark Cuban. Despite the drama on camera, the two remained good friends. However, Chris retired from the venture capital world in 2017 and decided to leave the show.

Net assets and earnings

In February 2011, Sacca invested $400 million in Twitter, owning 9% of the company. When Twitter went public in late 2013, his fund owned 18% of the social media site, and his investment grew to $1 billion! Instead of retiring after his huge returns, he founded two other venture capital firms.

He has financed 80 companies through Lowercase Capital and 50 companies through Lowercarbon. In addition, he has received undisclosed income during his time on Shark Tank. According to a tweet in May 2021, he has a small cryptocurrency portfolio that includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, and various altcoins. All this activity has helped Chris Sacca gain a fortune worth $1.2 billion.

personal life

Chris Sacca is married to Lowercase partner and author Crystal English Sacca. The couple met at Georgetown University and have three daughters together. They own two properties, one in Big Sky, Montana, and one in Jackson, Wyoming. A YouTube channel called “Famous Luxury” claims his real estate portfolio is worth $16 million.

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