John Fogerty Net Worth, Age Bio/Wiki, Family, Height, and Career 2024

John Fogerty is an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist who has significantly influenced the music industry since the 1960s. Born on May 28, 1945, in Berkeley, California, Fogerty has become a household name with his soulful voice and impressive guitar skills.

With a career spanning over five decades, he has established himself as one of the most excellent musicians ever. But who is John Fogerty behind the music? In this blog post, we’ll delve into his bio/wiki, family life, height, and career to better understand this legendary artist. So grab your favorite beverage, sit back, and join us on this journey through the life of John Fogerty.

Who is John Fogerty?

John Fogerty Networth? Bio/Wiki, Family, Height, and Career

John Fogerty is an artist deeply entrenched in his passion for music. Born in the era of rock ‘n roll, Fogerty’s love for music ignited at an early age. Quickly discovering a knack for songwriting, he began crafting heart-pounding rock anthems. The signature gravel in his voice and his dexterous guitar skills were indeed something to behold.

As a musician, he created a distinct sound that defined a generation. Beyond his solo career, Fogerty played a pivotal role in forming the band “Creedence Clearwater Revival.” His influence expanded from his compositions to his leadership in the band.

John Fogerty Age Bio/wiki

Category Information
Name John Fogerty
Net Worth (2023) $120 Million Dollars
Monthly Income and Salary $1 Million +
Yearly Income and Salary $9 Million +
Profession American singer-songwriter
Date of Birth 28 May 1945
Age 78 years old
Height 183 cm (5 feet 10 inches)
Weight 75 Kg (165 lbs)
Birthplace Berkeley, California, United States
Nationality American

John Fogerty Early Life

John Fogerty’s early years were as colorful as his music. Born into a music-loving family in Berkeley, California, the seeds of his passion were sown young. His childhood was filled with rhythm and melody, shaping the future music legend he would become. Drawn to the guitar, young John began strumming at eight.

By the time he reached his teens, he was already penning his songs. An early penchant for rock ‘n roll saw him diving headfirst into the world of music. School years were spent honing his skills and exploring various music styles.

During these formative years, Fogerty formed his first band, ‘The Blue Velvets,’ with his brother Tom. This band would later evolve into the iconic Creedence Clearwater Revival. His early life was a harmonious blend of family, friends, and an unshakeable passion for music.

John Fogerty Education

His early education began in El Cerrito, California, where his undeniable passion for music was cultivated. Often strumming his guitar during breaks, he naturally became a fixture in the school’s music scene.

Even in his high school days at St. Mary’s College High School, Fogerty’s musical aspirations were apparent. He was known for having a guitar perpetually in hand, weaving dreams of a music-filled future between classes.

Although Fogerty didn’t pursue a traditional college education, he continued learning in the school of life. Immersed in the ever-evolving music world, he tirelessly worked on honing his craft. His education continued through experiences, trials, and performances, shaping him into the iconic musician we know today.

John Fogerty Family

He’s been married twice, first to Martha Paiz in 1965, ending in 1972, then in 1991 he tied the knot with Julie Kramer. Their love story is something straight out of a fairytale. Having been a longtime fan of Fogerty, Julie met him at a music function, and their romance bloomed.

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Now, their bond remains strong as they navigate life together. Their union blessed them with two children, Kelsy and Shane Fogerty. Both have inherited their father’s passion for music and are making their marks in the industry.

Fogerty family life showcases a man deeply dedicated to his loved ones, fostering a nurturing and creative environment for his children. An active family man, Fogerty’s downtime is often spent making treasured memories with his beloved family. His life is an enchanting symphony where music and family beautifully intertwine.

John Fogerty Wife

Shining a spotlight on Fogerty’s better half, Julie Kramer, we discover a woman with an incredible love story. From the start, Julie was a fan of Fogerty’s music, a passion that eventually led to a fairytale romance. Their paths crossed at a music function, and it was practically love at first sight.

Julie’s support and understanding have been the foundation of their successful marriage. Her strength and resilience gave Fogerty the stability and peace he needed to shine. A true testament to their love is their two talented children, Kelsy and Shane Fogerty.

Julie Kramer is more than just a wife or girlfriend; she has been a true partner, a confidante, and the rock stabilizing John Fogerty’s life. Their enduring love story is the stuff of dreams and an inspiration to their adoring fans.

John Fogerty Height & Physical Appearances

Category Information
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Dark Brown
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Sexual Orientation Straight
Kids/Children Name Shane Fogerty, Kelsy Cameron Fogerty, Lyndsay Fogerty, Tyler Fogerty, Josh Fogerty
Parent Father – Galen Robert Fogerty
  Mother – Lucile Fogerty
Spouse Julie Lebiedzinski (m. 1991)
Height 183 cm (5 feet 10 inches)
Weight 75 Kg (165 lbs)


Exploring Fogerty’s roots, we uncover a blend of Irish and Swedish ancestry. Hailing from a lineage deeply intertwined with musical inclinations, Fogerty’s ethnic background is crucial to his artistic identity.

Intriguingly, the fusion of his Irish and Swedish heritage has struck a harmonious chord, resulting in his unparalleled musical talent. While his ethnicity doesn’t solely define him, it certainly contributes to his unique style and sound.

Fogerty proudly embraces his diverse heritage despite his international fame, channeling it into his soulful music. His ethnicity is a vibrant component of his complex and captivating persona.


Did you know Fogerty, an illustrious artist, is also a baseball enthusiast? Interestingly, his all-time favorite team is the San Francisco Giants. His love for baseball transcends into his music with his 1985 hit, “Centerfield.” Delving into more trivia, Fogerty, despite being left-handed, plays a right-handed guitar! This remarkable adaptability is a testament to his unyielding passion for music.

Additionally, he was enlisted in the Army Reserve during the Vietnam War, which inspired his song, “Fortunate Son.” His music isn’t just about melody but also about social commentary. Ever wonder about his musical inspirations? Fogerty draws influence from iconic artists like Elvis Presley and Little Richard. Fogerty’s life is peppered with fascinating trivia that gives a peek into the man behind the music.

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John Fogerty Networth? Bio/Wiki, Family, Height, and Career

Before Fame

Before John Fogerty reached the zenith of his career, he navigated through a journey rich with life-altering experiences. During his adolescence, Fogerty’s natural affinity for music began to take shape, nourished by the rhythms and melodies that filled his home. Experimenting with different music styles, he quickly mastered the guitar and the art of songwriting.

Notably, his teenage years were highlighted by forming ‘The Blue Velvets,’ the predecessor of the legendary ‘Creedence Clearwater Revival.’ These days before fame were marked by relentless dedication, abundant passion, and consistent hard work. Each chord strummed, each lyric penned, was a stepping stone to his future glory.

His formative years have shaped him into the icon that millions today love and revere. This pre-fame era represents the ordinary boy who dared to dream, igniting his pathway to extraordinary success.

John Fogerty Career

John Fogerty’s musical journey is the stuff of legends. His career started in the late 1950s with ‘The Blue Velvets,’ a band he formed with his brother. This band eventually evolved into the iconic ‘Creedence Clearwater Revival,’ marking Fogerty’s foray into fame. Throughout the 1960s and early 1970s,

Fogerty led the band to international acclaim, crafting unforgettable hits such as ‘Bad Moon Rising’ and ‘Have You Ever Seen The Rain.‘ His post-Creedence career saw Fogerty taking on a solo journey, navigating the industry with an unwavering determination. His solo debut in 1975 was met with high praise.

However, his 1985 album, ‘Centerfield,’ truly catapulted him back into the spotlight. From then on, Fogerty’s solo career became a steady stream of successful albums and tours. Today, with over fifty years in the music industry, Fogerty’s contributions to rock ‘n roll are immeasurable.

John Fogerty Networth? Bio/Wiki, Family, Height, and Career

John Fogerty Net Worth

John Fogerty Net Worth has indeed hit a high note. With a net worth reported to be $120 million, Fogerty has carved out a lucrative career. His earnings mainly stem from his successful albums, concert tours, and royalties from his well-loved songs.

Fogerty’s journey from an aspiring musician to a multi-millionaire is a testament to his undying passion and hard work. As they say, success naturally follows when you do what you love, and for Fogerty, his net worth is living proof.

Social Media

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John Fogerty Hobbies

Passionate Baseball Fan

John Fogerty’s interests extend beyond the realm of music. He’s an avid baseball fan, with the San Francisco Giants, his all-time favorite team. His love for the sport isn’t mere spectatorship but manifests in his music. Notably, his 1985 hit “Centerfield.“

True Guitar Enthusiast

Naturally, Fogerty’s hobbies include his life-long love affair with the guitar. He relishes exploring new riffs and continually improving his already impressive skills. Fogerty is a left-handed artist playing a right-handed guitar, a testament to true passion transcending traditional norms.

Loving Family Man

Lastly, his free time is often spent with his beloved wife and children. Fogerty is a dedicated family man who creates beautiful memories with his loved ones. From music-filled gatherings to quiet, intimate moments, he cherishes these personal, family interactions.

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Lyndsay Fogerty Favorite Things

Music at Heart

Unsurprisingly, Fogerty’s favorite thing revolves around music. He prefers rock ‘n roll, drawing inspiration from icons like Elvis Presley and Little Richard.

Melodic Instruments

His love for instruments, specifically guitars, runs deep. This affection isn’t limited to playing; it extends to collecting guitars and exploring different types of this beloved instrument.

Baseball Fandom

Besides music, Fogerty’s heart beats for baseball. His all-time favorite team, the San Francisco Giants, holds a special place in his life.

Culinary Delights

Fogerty is a fan of traditional American cuisine when it comes to food. He relishes the comfort of a good hamburger or a well-cooked steak.

Family Bonding

Of course, Fogerty’s most cherished moments are spent with his family. Whether it’s a music jamming session, a hearty dinner, or a quiet night in, these times are his absolute favorites.

Outdoor Escapades

As a California native, Fogerty enjoys the state’s picturesque landscapes. He finds serenity in outdoor activities, often opting for hiking or cycling through California’s scenic trails.

Fun Facts About John Fogerty Net Worth

  • He began teaching himself after receiving a guitar for Christmas at 13.
  • Not only that but he’s also known for his unique vocal style.
  • This signature rasp was once dubbed “choogling” by Rolling Stone magazine.
  •  He served in the Army Reserves during the Vietnam War era.
  • Unsurprisingly, his military stint influenced his songwriting.
  • His hit, “Fortunate Son,” reflects those experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Who was his First wife?

Fogerty was first married to Martha Paiz in 1965

What Is John Fogerty Age?

John Fogerty was born on May 28, 1945, which makes him 79 years old.

How Old John Fogerty?

He is almost 79 years old.

How tall is John Fogerty?

Fogerty stands at a confident 5’11”

What is John fogerty Net Worth?

His impressive net worth is a staggering $120 million.

Did John Fogerty Have Children?

He has been married to Julie Lynne Kramer since April 20, 1991. They have three children. He was previously married to Martha Ann Paiz.

Final Verdict About John Fogerty Net Worth

John Fogerty has left a substantial imprint on the music world. From his beginnings in Berkeley, California, he quickly climbed the ladder of success. His versatile talent, spanning both music and acting, has made him a memorable figure.

John’s work in Battleship in 2012 was exceptional, further cementing his place in the entertainment industry. His enduring charm, raw talent, and ability to engage the audience sets him apart. Throughout his illustrious career, John Fogerty has shown the power of resilience and creativity.

His story inspires us as we continue to explore his life and career. A testament to the fact that, with determination and passion, it’s possible to carve out a unique space in the crowded landscape of music and film.

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