Nash Aguas and Mika Age, discover all the details here!

On a quiet morning in Tagaytay City, the air was filled with a romantic awe. A couple who had been in love for six years took a major step towards a long-lasting relationship. On May 18, 2024, in the beautiful setting of Adriano Event Space and Prayer Garden, Nash and Mika exchanged vows in a traditional ceremony that blended elegance with modern style, surrounded by the love of their family and friends.

What makes their venue so special?

Tagaytay City is known for its cool climate and beautiful scenery, providing a perfect venue for Nash and Mika’s wedding. Adriano’s Event Space and Prayer Gardens is known for its beautiful gardens and exquisite event spaces, making it a top choice for couples who want to get married amidst natural beauty. The lush flowers and gentle breeze in the garden added a memorable element to the wedding, making the couple feel even happier and the entire wedding atmosphere more cheerful.

How do they personalize their rituals?

From the beginning, Nash and Mika wanted their wedding to be personal and intimate. They chose elements that reflected their personal touches and love story. One of those personal touches was Mika’s Instagram post before her wedding. She wrote a touching message: “Walking toward God’s gift, my love, and my eternity,” which was the perfect way to capture the strong emotions of that day. This sentiment resonated deeply with the guests and enhanced the intimacy of the wedding.

The couple also tapped into modern wedding trends by creating an innovative and fun hashtag, #NASHakanyanasiMIKA. The clever use of text not only reflected their wedding, but also created an online community where guests could share photos and pictures from their wedding day, culminating in a digital photo album that the couple could treasure.

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What are the highlights of the reception?

It was a testament to the couple’s careful planning and determination to ensure everyone had a memorable evening. Adriano’s décor was a blend of rustic elegance and modern sophistication, with string lights illuminating the evening’s festivities. Live music set the mood, with a mix of modern hits and timeless classics that encouraged dancing for all ages.

The food was another highlight of the reception. The menu was a mix of international and local cuisine, carefully selected to suit the different tastes of the guests. The highlight was the custom-made wedding cake, which looked and tasted great, and the guests were amazed by its unique flavor combination.

How do they incorporate traditional elements?

Despite the modern touches of their wedding, Nash and Mika made sure to honor the traditional wedding traditions that meant so much to them personally. Perhaps the most touching moment was their handwritten vow exchange. The vows not only affirmed their love and devotion to one another, but also acknowledged the journey they had embarked on and the future they were heading into.

Additionally, the couple performed the traditional “cord and veil” ceremony that is common in Filipino weddings. This symbolizes the bond between the couple and the unity among family members. The combination of modern and traditional elements ensured that their wedding was both relevant and modern.

in conclusion

Nash and Mika’s wedding in Tagaytay was a powerful testimony to their passion and dedication. The wedding was a perfect blend of traditional and modern elements to create an unforgettable celebration for all who attended. Their happiness shared through social media, thoughtful reception and ceremony, and the gorgeous venue of Adriano Event Center also made their wedding a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable one. The joy and love they felt on their wedding day will remain in their hearts and in the hearts of all who attended as they begin their new lives.

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