Nash Aguas Age, Who are Nash Aguas and Mika Dela Cruz?

Nash Aguas and Mika Dela Cruz are two well-known names in the Philippine music industry. Mika Dela Cruz and Nash Aguas are well-known names in the Philippine music industry. Nash Aguas first rose to fame as a child star and has since carved out an impressive acting career. Mika Dela Cruz also began her career as a child star and has made an impact in the film and television industry. Together, they have captured the hearts of many fans with their love story in real life and on screen.

What made their wedding so special?

On their wedding day, Nash Aguas and Mika De La Cruz pledged their eternal love in a beautiful wedding ceremony. Their wedding ceremony took place last week and attracted the attention of the public and celebrities. Mika De La Cruz shared a touching post on Instagram, in which she was photographed wearing a gorgeous dress made by Julianne Syjuco. The photo captured all the emotions of their romantic wedding day. The caption reads “Towards God’s gift, my love and my eternity”, and the hashtag #NASHakanyanasiMIKA emphasizes the bond between them.

Where will the wedding take place?

The specific information of the wedding venue was not disclosed to protect the privacy of the newlyweds. However, from the various photos, it can be seen that the atmosphere of the wedding seems to be a peaceful and beautiful venue, suitable for their luxurious wedding.

Who attended the wedding?

The wedding is a glittering event with many celebrities from the entertainment industry in attendance. Celebrities and close friends of the couple filled the event to express their happiness and best wishes. Social media was flooded with messages, with celebrities like Gabby Garcia expressing their love for the couple. She wrote: “Oh my god Mika I know you have been waiting for this day. I am so happy for you and Nash!!! You deserve all the love and happiness. Congratulations beautiful couple!”

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What are the highlights of the ceremony?

One of the highlights discussed was Mika’s stunning appearance. She walked down the aisle happily in a gown that exuded elegance, grace and grace. The couple’s wedding vow exchange was another touching moment that confirmed their vows to each other.

How do they plan their wedding?

The couple decided to entrust their special event to the renowned wedding planning company La Belle Fete, known for hosting unique and elegant weddings. From the floral arrangements to the perfect execution of the ceremony, the planners’ expertise was evident in every aspect, ensuring a memorable day for the couple and their guests.

What plans do the couple have for the future?

As Nash and Mika begin their new life as husband and wife, they remain committed to their acting careers. Fans are looking forward to seeing how their marriage develops both professionally and personally. They have also expressed their desire to continue working on projects while seamlessly blending their personal and professional lives.

in conclusion

The union of Nash Aguas and Mika De La Cruz marks a new phase in their lives filled with romance and love. Their wedding was not only a celebration of their marriage, but also a celebration of their life journey. Their fans eagerly anticipate the future of their relationship as they grow as individuals and together. The support and love of their family, friends, and fans heralds hope for their enduring love story.

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