Nash Aguas’ Girlfriend, How did Nash and Mika first meet?

A romance that began in front of the camera ended with a tender exchange of wedding vows in the beautiful hills of Tagaytay. Nash Aguas and Mika Dela Cruz, a couple known for their early years as child stars, are now officially the loves of their lives. Their wedding, held on May 18, was an intimate celebration of their journey from partners to soulmates.

How did Nash and Mika first meet?

Nash Aguas and Mika Dela Cruz first met on the set of the most popular kids comedy sketch show “Goin’ Bulilit” airing on ABS-CBN. Not only did the show serve as a learning platform for many of today’s top stars, it also laid the foundation for their relationship to flourish. From sharing screen time to sharing in the lives of their respective families, their relationship has continued to grow over the years.

What made their wedding so special?

In an intimate ceremony, Nash and Mika chose to hold hands in the tranquility of Tagaytay. The bride, Mika Dela Cruz, looked stunning in an off-the-shoulder gown designed by Julianne Sijuco. The wedding, while small in scale, was filled with personal touches and sentimental moments that reflected the couple’s lives and time together.

Can you describe the couple’s journey in the entertainment industry?

Both Nash and Mika began their careers in the entertainment industry very early, having already been in the spotlight before. Nash Aguas first made a major splash after winning the children’s show Star Circle Quest, which landed her a role in Goin’ Bulilit. Mika also participated in the same show, showcasing her acting skills in various sketches, solidifying her status as a promising young actress. Their initial experiences in the industry have largely shaped their careers and personal lives.

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After a few years at ABS-CBN, the two began to pursue different careers. Mika moved to GMA in 2016 and broadened her acting horizons by playing various roles. Nash continued to grow as an actor at ABS-CBN and began to play more mature roles and accumulated fans.

What is unique about their proposal?

Nash Aguas’ proposal story is as unique as their love story. In October, Nash revealed that Mika had tacitly agreed to his proposal in the form of a 15-page letter, an affirmation of their deep emotional connection and communication style. This loving gesture highlights the introspective and thoughtful nature of their love. It sets an example for their devotion to each other.

How did the public react?

Fans have been following their relationship and publicly displaying their love since their first film appearance. Their wedding announcement received overwhelming support from colleagues and fans. Social media platforms were flooded with congratulations expressing their admiration and love for the couple.

in conclusion

Nash Aguas and Mika Dela Cruz’s wedding was more than just the union of two people, it was a celebration of a long-standing partnership, both personally and professionally. As they enter new chapters in their respective lives, the story continues to be a model of how relationships can develop and grow, from young partners to long-term lovers. Their story continues to inspire others and prove that love can truly develop and thrive in the ever-changing world of entertainment.

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