Nash Aguas Wedding, Do you know how Mika and Nash met?

Mika Dela Cruz and Nash Aguas, both former child stars, started a new chapter in their lives by getting married. The couple’s journey to marriage began in the studio of the long-running Philippine comedy show “Goin’ Bulilit,” when the two first met as actors. Over the years, their friendship has only grown stronger, thanks to their continued collaboration in different television projects such as “Dahil May Isang Ikaw,” “Tiyanaks,” “Guns and Roses,” and “Luv U.”

What made their wedding so special?

On May 18, 2024, Mika and Mika Nash had a grand wedding. Mika looked stunning in an off-the-shoulder snake print dress designed by Julianne Sciuco. The dress perfectly complemented the romantic atmosphere of their wedding. It was decorated with lush trees and stunning flowers. However, Nash looked stylish in a classic white dress. The decorations and outfits emphasized the taste and authenticity of their unforgettable day.

Where will the wedding take place?

The exact location of Mika and Nash’s wedding has not yet been announced. However, wedding planning company La Belle Fete has provided some photos of the wedding venue, showing the beautiful outdoor setting. The stunning backdrop, paired with natural beauty and exquisite floral decorations, created a charming atmosphere that was intimate yet solemn.

What did Mika share about her wedding day?

Mika posted on Instagram about her feelings about marrying Nash. In a touching post, she wrote that Nash is their “Godsend, my love, my eternity.” Her words expressed the depth of their love and the happiness she experiences in their relationship. Their wedding hashtag #NASHakanyanasiMIKA also featured in the alluring combination of names, highlighting the personal touch they added to their wedding celebrations.

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How did the public react?

Fans of Mika and Nash, who have followed their careers since the days of Goin’ Bulilit, are excited to see their favorite childhood stars embark on a new adventure together. Social media has been flooded with love and well wishes for their long-lasting relationship, which has blossomed from their on-screen chemistry to a real-life romance. Photos from their wedding were shared, drawing thousands of comments and likes celebrating their love.

What does this marriage mean for their careers?

Although both Mika and Nash have transitioned from child actors to established actors in the entertainment industry, their marriage is the beginning of a new chapter, not only in their personal lives but also in their professional lives. Both are able to handle their relationship and their careers in an effective manner. They will probably keep this going as they will both likely explore different roles that reflect their progress as individuals and together.

in conclusion

As Mika and Nash begin their married life, their future is filled with promise. With their shared experiences and deep understanding of the entertainment industry, they are well-equipped to face any challenges that may come their way. The support and love of their fans is also an excellent foundation for their future. It will be fascinating to see how their love for each other influences their career choices and whether they will work on new projects together as a married couple.

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