Peep Show Aviary – Chasing Shark Tank?

Witnessing nature in action is one of life’s most underrated pleasures. The Peep Show offers a way to enjoy nature’s gifts. With their smart birdhouse, you can stream live video to your phone. Founder Steve Gray recently pitched the product on Shark Tank, but no deal was struck. After the pitch, The Peep Show is estimated to be worth $750,000.

About Steve Gray

The Peep Show product not only has the function of a smart birdhouse, but also looks like one. Instead of using traditional aesthetics, the founder chose a futuristic egg-shaped appearance.

All materials used are environmentally friendly, as Steve Gray believes that what is good for nature is also best for birds. He is a true bird lover, having grown up in Seattle, a city considered a paradise for all kinds of birds.

The Origins of Peep Show

Steve’s 95-year-old father, Chuck, inspired the design of the Peep Show birdhouse. He created the original prototype by drilling a hole in the kitchen wall and installing coaxial cable, a sewer inspection camera and a black-and-white monitor.

During the pandemic, Steve and his two engineer brothers worked to perfect their father’s idea. Steve led the project and came up with the egg-shaped design. Not only is it unique in style, it’s also the most ergonomic layout for mounting the camera.

With the help of a nonprofit mentor, the product launched in 2023 through a now-deleted IndieGoGo campaign. That same year, The Peep Show won the Red Dot Award, a modern design award previously won by Porsche, Maserati, and Apple.

After Shark Tank

Shark Tank is the perfect platform to promote this product. With its modern appeal, it’s sure to draw interest like the similar product Hummingbird that appeared on Shark Tank Season 14. The Hummingbird sold 1,500 units within 24 hours of the episode airing, so Peep Show should do well too! Plus, Steve’s straight-laced image helps!

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The company’s main challenge is scalability, as all birdhouses are handmade, which is not a product that can be mass-produced in China. The Peep Show can only sell a limited number each month. They often sell out, and there is a waiting list at

If you have the patience to wait a month or two, join the waitlist. The high-tech birdhouse costs $299, but if you can live without the camera, you can buy one for $199. You can also subscribe to their newsletter and be automatically entered into a monthly draw to win a free birdhouse.

They don’t have any reviews from customers on any platform online, but you can see some on their website. The startup has competitors with similar product features and prices to Birdfy Nest. Steve Gray believes that The Peep Show still stands out because it is more than just a birdhouse. People can look at it as a piece of modern art.

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