Behind the Glamor: Anne De Zogheb’s Marriage to Paul Anka Revealed

Anne de Zogheb has captivated audiences and hearts around the world with her grace and beauty as well as her fascinating life story that seems to weave through many different aspects of seduction, romance and personal resilience.

Early life and emergence

Born on October 2, 1942, in Alexandria, Egypt, Anne France Marie Antoinette Jaubert, known professionally as Anne de Zogheb, epitomizes her multicultural heritage and worldly charm. gender. Of Lebanese and French descent, de Zogheb’s early years were marked by privilege, education, and an emerging sense of adventure that would shape her entire life.

Anne De Zogheb


Model career flourished

During the 1950s and 1960s, de Zogheb’s fashion modeling career took off spectacularly. She became one of the most sought-after faces in the fashion industry, working with famous photographers and appearing on the covers of major magazines. Anne’s elegance and poise set her apart, making her a muse to designers and a favorite among Parisian haute couture.

Allied with Paul Anka

Anne de Zogheb entered a new chapter of her life when she married Canadian singer-songwriter Paul Anka in 1963. The couple’s wedding was a glamorous event that attracted worldwide media attention. Around the world. Her marriage to Anka produced five daughters, further strengthening their relationship. Despite their eventual separation in 2000, Anne remained an influential figure in Anka’s life, often cited as his muse for the timeless classic “(You’re) Have My Baby”.

Personal passion and effort

Outside of the public spotlight, de Zogheb was known for his deep love of family, dedication to philanthropic causes, and passion for the arts. She possesses a sharp mind and an unwavering passion for life, which endears her to many people.

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Anne de Zogheb’s legacy is one of grace, resilience and ability to inspire. She weathered life’s ups and downs with dignity, always leaving a lasting impression on those she met.

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