Iqra Hasan Age, candidate seeks to bridge community gap

Iqra Hasan’s family has a long history in Indian politics, spanning over four decades. Her political career began with her grandfather, Akhtar Hasan, who was elected as a Member of Parliament (MP) from Kairana in 1984 as a member of the Congress Party. Significantly, Akhtar Hasan defeated Mayawati, who was contesting the Lok Sabha election for the first time at that time. The victory laid the foundation for a political dynasty that has survived various party affiliations and major political shifts in India.

Influence of Munawar Hassan

Iqra’s father, Munawwar Hasan, carried on the family tradition and was elected MP for the Samajwadi Party in 1996. A tragic car accident in 2008 brought an early end to Munawwar Hasan’s term, a major turning point for the family. His influence in the region was immense and his political strategy was deeply rooted in the support of different communities.

Tabassoum Hassan’s term

After Munawar Hasan’s tragic death, his wife Tabasoom Hasan entered politics. In 2009, she won the Kairana Lok Sabha seat as a member of the BSP, demonstrating the family’s resilience and adaptability. Tabasoom Hasan’s victory in the 2018 by-election held after the death of BJP MP Hukum Singh further strengthened the family’s political position.

Naheed Hassan’s legal troubles

Iqra’s elder brother, Naheed Hassan, also made his mark in politics, having been elected a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) three times. However, his political career faced a major challenge when he was arrested under the Gangsters Act. Despite his incarceration, Naheed Hassan contested the 2022 general elections from behind bars and emerged victorious, demonstrating the family’s unwavering political influence. Iqra played a crucial role in ensuring his brother’s electoral success during this turbulent period.

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Iqra Hasan has an impressive academic background. She completed her schooling at Queen Mary’s School in New Delhi and graduated from Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi University. She continued her studies and obtained a postgraduate degree in International Politics and Law from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. Despite her educational achievements, Iqra described herself as a farmer in her election affidavit, emphasizing her connection to her roots and her commitment to serving the people.

Campaign Strategy

At the rally, Iqra Hassan stressed her mission to uphold the “tradition of service” established by her family. She noted that the political landscape had changed significantly after her father’s death, especially with the emergence of communal issues. Iqra’s campaign aims to bridge these divides and promote harmony through education, reflecting the meaning of her name, which means “to educate.”

Political climate

Iqra Hasan’s entry into politics comes at a time when India is facing major political controversies. She highlighted the impact of the BJP’s decade-long tenure and its policies, which are under intense scrutiny. The political landscape is marked by alliances and shifts, with the BJP-Rajya Sabha alliance facing challenges due to internal divisions and voter discontent.

Grassroots support

Iqra’s campaign has resonated with different groups of voters. Local supporter Mukesh Rana compared Iqra to her father and pointed out her charisma. Rana stressed that Munawar Hasan’s political base relies on the support of various communities, including Jats, and expressed confidence that Iqra can garner similar support.

Election Battle

Iqra Hasan faces stiff competition from BJP incumbent MP Pradeep Chaudhry and BJP MP Shripal Rana. The Kairana Lok Sabha constituency, which includes five assembly seats in Saharanpur and Shamli districts, has seen mixed political results in recent elections. In the recent assembly elections, the BJP and the UDF won two seats each, while the Samajwadi Party got one seat. This diverse political landscape presents challenges and opportunities for Iqra’s campaign.

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Younger perspective

Iqra Hasan’s youthful energy and vision for the future resonated with many voters. Vishwas Deswal, a 25-year-old voter, described her as “yuva, shikshit, bebaak aur bedaag” (young, educated, fearless, spotless). Deswal believes the election will transcend religious divides, driven by pressing issues such as unemployment, which affect both Hindus and Muslims.


Iqra Hasan’s candidacy represents a new chapter in her family’s political legacy. Her emphasis on education, service and unity makes her a strong contender for the Kairana Lok Sabha constituency as she competes against seasoned politicians. The outcome of this election will determine not only her political future but also the direction of her family’s enduring influence in Indian politics.

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