Phil Ivey Biography, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Phil Ivey Biography is a well-known professional poker player. Born on February 1, 1977, in Riverside, California, Ivey’s passion for the game developed at a young age.

At age 46, he has already made a significant impact in the industry, earning the nickname “The Tiger Woods of Poker“. Growing up, his family relocated to Roselle, New Jersey, where he spent most of his childhood.

With an estimated net worth of over $100 and $125 million, Ivey’s career highlights include winning 10 World Series of Poker bracelets and being inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame.

Standing at an impressive height of 6 feet 2 inches, Ivey continues to dominate the poker world, solidifying his place as one of the greatest players ever.

Phil Ivey Bio Wiki

Name Phil Ivey
Date of Birth February 1, 1977
Age 40 year old
Famous For Poker Player
Birth Place Riverside, California, America
Material status Unmarried
Wife Name NA
Nationality American
Father Name Not Known
Mother Name Not Known
Religion Christian

Who is Phil Ivey?

Phil Ivey Biography, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Phil Ivey is a towering figure in poker. His journey into the limelight began early. By his mid-twenties, Ivey was a force on the green felt, swiftly mastering poker’s intricate strategies.

His focus and determination set him apart. Each card game honed his skills further. Ivey’s persona, both at and away from tables, intrigues many. He’s known for his quiet confidence and sharp mind.

This poker legend’s life goes beyond the chips and cards. Off the felt, Ivey involves himself in various charities. He believes in giving back to the community. His contributions to poker are immense.

Not just a player, Ivey influences upcoming talents. Many see him as a mentor, and his achievements have inspired a generation of players.

Phil Ivey, a name synonymous with poker excellence, continues to fascinate. His story is far from over. With each tournament, Ivey writes a new chapter.

Phil Ivey Education

Phil Ivey’s journey through education is unique. He attended high school in Roselle, New Jersey. Here, his interest in poker began to blossom. Unlike many, college wasn’t in Ivey’s cards. He chose a different path.

His education came from the world of poker. Each game was a lesson, and every opponent was a teacher. Ivey’s real classroom was the casino floors, where he learned more than traditional schooling could offer.

His focus was not on textbooks but on reading opponents. Math skills weren’t learned in algebra class but calculated through tests, and psychology wasn’t a course but a daily practice.

This unconventional education shaped Ivey. It turned him into a poker legend. Ivey’s story shows education comes in many forms. His success is a testament to that.

Phil Ivey Family

Phil Ivey’s family roots are modest yet significant. They instilled in him values that shaped his career. His parents’ support was unwavering and critical to his success. Little is publicly known about his siblings, if any.

Privacy is a priority for Ivey when it comes to family. Despite his fame, he keeps family matters away from the public eye. This discretion speaks volumes about his character.

Family gatherings are likely cherished, private events for him. Rare insights into his family make them all the more intriguing. However, his family’s influence is profound.

They provided the foundation for his remarkable journey in poker. Though not widely discussed, their role in his life is unmistakably pivotal. Ivey’s success is a testament to the values they instilled.

Phil Ivey Early Life and Background

Phil Ivey’s journey began in sunny California. But, his story took root in New Jersey. Roselle’s quiet streets were his playground. Here, a young Ivey discovered his calling. The cards spoke to him, a language only he understood.

His family noticed his keen interest early on. Poker wasn’t just a game; it was destiny. Ivey’s childhood was marked by determination. He was always ambitious, striving for more. The school provided discipline, yet poker offered freedom.

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His path was unconventional, shaped by early choices. New Jersey’s poker rooms became his second home. They were the classrooms for his unique education. This period was crucial, moulding Ivey into a prodigy.

Friends and family watched, amazed. His passion for poker was undeniable. It was clear, even then, that Phil Ivey was different. This early life set the stage for greatness.

Every hand dealt, every loss, every victory taught him lessons. These formative years were just the beginning; they laid the groundwork for a legendary career. Ivey’s background is a testament to following one’s passion.

Phil Ivey Children

Phil Ivey’s life as a parent is entirely private. He rarely shares details about his children. However, he values family greatly, and his approach to parenting mirrors his poker strategy.

He’s thoughtful, always considering the long game. Details about his children remain primarily out of the spotlight. This choice reflects Ivey’s desire for their normalcy.

He wants them to grow up away from public scrutiny. Ivey’s role as a father is as dedicated as his poker career. He ensures they have opportunities he didn’t, providing a solid foundation.

The number of children Ivey has is not publicly disclosed. This secrecy is, by design, safeguarding their privacy. Despite his fame, Ivey keeps this aspect of his life under wraps. It’s clear, however, that his children are his world. They are, undoubtedly, his most cherished winnings.

Phil Ivey Wife

Phil Ivey’s romantic life has been as guarded as his poker strategies. The public knows little about his marital status or dating history. Rumours sometimes swirl, as they do for any celebrity.

Yet, Ivey plays his cards close to his chest. He has been linked to a few women over the years. However, confirming details about these relationships is challenging. Ivey prefers to keep his private life away from the limelight.

This approach mirrors his poker persona—calculated and discreet. Any mention of a wife or girlfriend remains speculative. The poker champion seems focused on his career and philanthropy.

Romantic ventures, if any, are kept away from public scrutiny. His fans respect his desire for privacy. They are content admiring his prowess at the poker table. Love life details remain one of the few mysteries surrounding Ivey.

Height, Weight, Body Measurements And Physical Appearance

Weight 70 kg
Height 5’-10″ Feet
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black

Phil Ivey Ethnicity

  • Phil Ivey’s ethnicity sparks curiosity among fans.
  • He hails from a diverse background, enriching his persona.
  • Details about his heritage are private.
  • It’s believed his roots are a mix, adding to his mystique.
  • This blend of cultures influences his global appeal.
  • Fans speculate, but Ivey keeps such personal details private.
  • His ethnicity, while intriguing, remains a part of his mystery.
  • Ivey’s focus is on poker rather than on personal heritage.
  • Yet, this aspect adds depth to his already fascinating story.
  • The poker world celebrates skill, not background specifics.
  • Ivey’s success underscores this, transcending ethnic boundaries.

Phil Ivey TRIVIA

  1. Ivey’s poker skills emerged at a very young age.
  2. He was nicknamed “No Home Jerome” in his early days.
  3. This nickname stemmed from a fake ID he used.
  4. The ID allowed him early access to Atlantic City casinos.
  5. Despite his global fame, Ivey enjoys simple hobbies.
  6. Golf and basketball are among his favourite leisure activities.
  7. He once won $12 million in a single poker session.
  8. This win is not included in his official poker earnings.
  9. Ivey is also known for his philanthropic efforts.
  10. He has a foundation dedicated to providing educational opportunities.
  11. These practices help him maintain focus during long poker games.
  12. His favourite vacation spot is Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
  13. Ivey admits to being superstitious and carrying lucky charms.
  14. These include specific items he believes bring good luck.
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Before Fame

Phil Ivey, in his early days, hinted at his future greatness. He spent his childhood in Roselle, New Jersey. The young Ivey was fascinated with cards early on. It wasn’t just a pastime; it was his passion.

His family quickly noticed his exceptional talent. Poker rooms and casinos became his learning ground. Here, he absorbed the game’s nuances like a sponge. An unconventional education marked his teenage years.

Ivey’s dedication set him apart from his peers. While others pursued typical careers, Ivey followed his calling. His determination was evident to those around him. The nickname “No Home Jerome” showcased his early hustle.

Using a fake ID, he entered Atlantic City’s poker scene. During these formative years, he laid the foundation for his poker empire. Ivey’s journey from a curious novice to a poker prodigy was unstoppable.


Phil Ivey Biography, Family, Net Worth, Height Bio 2024

Phil Ivey’s career is a tapestry of monumental wins. He stepped onto the poker scene, a determined young player. His first World Series of Poker bracelet was just the beginning.

Over the years, he amassed ten bracelets. Each win added to his growing legend. High-stakes games became his battleground, earning him respect. Ivey’s fearless approach at the table is well-documented.

He challenged veterans, turning tables with his skill. Online poker saw Ivey’s dominance extend beyond physical casinos. His screen name became feared in virtual poker rooms.

Not just a player, Ivey ventured into poker business enterprises. His insights into the game influenced poker strategy globally, and poker championships worldwide have felt his impact.

His career isn’t just about the wins or the money. It’s about changing how poker is played and perceived. Ivey’s legacy is built on skill, strategy, and an unparalleled poker IQ. His journey from a curious child to a poker icon is inspiring.


  • Phil Ivey finds relaxation away from the poker table.
  • Golf is one of his top picks for leisure time.
  • He swings clubs with the same precision he plays cards.
  • Basketball courts often see Ivey shooting hoops for fun.
  • His love for the game matches his passion for poker.
  • Ivey enjoys the tranquillity of fishing in quiet spots.
  • He finds solace in the patience fishing requires.
  • Travelling the world is another of Ivey’s cherished activities.
  • He explores new cultures, indulging in local cuisines.
  • Video games offer him a break from strategic thinking.
  • Ivey appreciates the simplicity and fun of gaming sessions.
  • Reading books, mainly about self-improvement, captivates him.
  • Meditation and mindfulness keep his mind sharp and focused.
  • These practices help him maintain calm under pressure.
  • Ivey’s hobbies provide a glimpse into his well-rounded life.

My Favourite Things About Phil Ivey Biography

  1. Phil Ivey enjoys the strategic depth of chess.
  2. Japanese cuisine tops his list of favourite foods.
  3. He often listens to jazz music to unwind.
  4. The colour green resonates with him, symbolizing money and luck.
  5. Ivey prefers the calm of beaches over bustling city life.
  6. His favourite book is “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle.
  7. He has a penchant for luxury watches, especially Rolexes.
  8. In sports, basketball ranks high, with Michael Jordan as his hero.
  9. Ivey finds inspiration in Eric Thomas’s motivational speeches.
  10. Poker, unsurprisingly, remains his favourite game.
  11. He cherishes the serenity found in meditation and mindfulness practices.
  12. Travel-wise, Ivey is captivated by the allure of Monaco.
  13. His preferred mode of relaxation is sailing on a quiet afternoon.
  14. Ivey is partial to the elegance and power of Tesla vehicles.

Fun FactsAboutt Phil Ivey Biography

  1. Ivey once bet on a single golf hole for $200,000.
  2. He practices yoga to enhance his poker concentration.
  3. Ivey owns a vast collection of rare sneakers.
  4. He’s been seen at high-stakes backgammon games.
  5. His lucky charm is a small, green Buddha statue.
  6. Ivey learned Mandarin to improve his poker game in Asia.
  7. He once played poker for 45 hours straight.
  8. Ivey’s favourite superhero is Batman, admiring his resilience.
  9. He enjoys cooking, especially grilling steaks outdoors.
  10. His first job was at a telemarketing firm in New Jersey.
  11. Ivey has a hidden talent for playing the drums.
  12. He’s an avid fan of the sci-fi genre, books, and movies.
  13. Ivey dislikes flying despite his global poker travels.
  14. He insists on wearing red at major poker tournaments.
  15. His secret to unwinding is long walks at dawn.
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Phil Ivey Net worth

Phil Ivey, a towering figure in professional poker, has cultivated an impressive fortune through his unmatched skills and strategic insight at the poker table.

Widely recognized as one of the best poker players ever, Ivey’s financial success is a testament to his prowess. His net worth is estimated to be between $100 and $125 million, which reflects his dominance in high-stakes games and tournaments worldwide.

This wealth accumulation is not solely from his winnings; Ivey has also engaged in various business ventures and endorsements that have contributed significantly to his fortune.

His ability to read opponents and make calculated decisions under pressure has earned him ten World Series of Poker bracelets and a place among the wealthiest individuals in professional poker.

Frequently Asked Questions about Phil Ivey Biography

What is Phil Ivey known for?

Phil Ivey is renowned as one of the world’s greatest poker players. He is often recognized for exceptional skills and strategic play in high-stakes tournaments. 

How many World Series of Poker bracelets does Phil Ivey have?

Phil Ivey has won ten World Series of Poker bracelets throughout his career, marking him as one of the most successful players in the series’ history. 

When did Phil Ivey start his professional poker career?

Phil Ivey began his professional poker career at a young age and became a notable figure in the poker community. 

Does Phil Ivey have any business ventures outside of poker?

Besides his poker career, Phil Ivey has engaged in various business ventures and endorsements, contributing to his substantial net worth. 

How did Phil Ivey accumulate his wealth?

Phil Ivey’s wealth comes from his poker winnings, business ventures, and endorsements. His strategic poker prowess has significantly influenced his financial success. 

Is Phil Ivey considered one of the best poker players?

Yes, Phil Ivey is widely regarded as one of the best poker players ever, thanks to his achievements and contributions to the game.

Conclusion About Phil Ivey Biography

In wrapping up, Phil Ivey’s story is one of remarkable talent and relentless pursuit. His journey from a New Jersey kid fascinated by poker to becoming a global icon in the game illuminates the power of dedication.

Ivey’s career, highlighted by his ten World Series of Poker bracelets, showcases his strategic mastery. Beyond the poker table, his successful business ventures reveal a savvy entrepreneur.

His estimated net worth speaks to his diverse achievements. Ivey’s impact extends far beyond his earnings, inspiring many in poker. His legacy is not just about his wins but also about the mark he leaves on the sport.

Phil Ivey is a true legend in poker who continues to influence the game profoundly. His story is a testament to what passion, skill, and hard work can accomplish.

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