The Richest ‘Shark Tank’ Guest in the Show’s History

Shark Tank has welcomed many entrepreneurs over the years. In addition to the contestants, ABC also introduces new guest investors each season to spice up the show. Some of them are even richer than the original cast. Here is a list of the richest guests on Shark Tank.

The Richest Shark Tank Guests

1. John Paul DeJoria – $3 billion

John Paul DeJoria is a self-made billionaire who built his fortune through the hair care and alcohol industries. After serving in the U.S. Navy, John worked several day jobs, including an entry-level position at Redken Laboratories.

After being fired, John Paul co-founded John Paul Mitchell Systems. He started the hair care company in 1980 with just a $700 loan. DeJoria’s next big money-making opportunity was co-founding tequila brand The Patron Spirits Company. He also made some savvy early investments in oil and gas companies.

The billionaire was invited to the fifth season of Shark Tank, where he struck an emotional deal with Tree T Pee. Dejoria’s current net worth is $3 billion!

2. Daniel Lubezki – $2.3 billion

Daniel Lubetzky, a regular on the show, is another successful entrepreneur who has previously pursued a different career path. Lubetzky built his wealth by starting the snack food company Kind LLC.

After studying law at university, he worked for multinational companies McKinsey & Company and Sullivan & Cromwell LLP. He later founded PeaceWorks and fell in love with entrepreneurship. In 2017, Daniel sold 40% of Kind LLC to Mars and sold the remaining stake in 2020 for $5 billion.

Daniel is a popular guest among fans of Shark Tank, having appeared on the show for the past four seasons. He has invested in successful companies like Quevos and Yellow Leaf Hammocks, helping to grow Lubetzky’s fortune to $2.3 billion.

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3. Richard Branson – $2.1 billion

Business magnate Richard Branson is the founder of the Virgin Group, which began as a chain of record stores in the 1970s and is now a conglomerate with more than 400 companies.

Richard became an entrepreneur when he founded a publication called The Student at the age of 16. However, he did not taste true success until he founded Virgin Records and became a millionaire at the age of 23.

Branson appeared in the season nine premiere and invested in a skateboard startup called Locker Board. In that episode, things got heated when Branson threw water at fellow billionaire Mark Cuban. The British serial entrepreneur is now worth $2.1 billion.

4. Peter Jones – $1.3 billion

Peter Jones is best known in the UK for his role on a similar show called Dragons’ Den, but he has also guest-starred on Shark Tank as Mr World.

His first business, making personal computers, failed, but after learning from his mistakes he went on to create successful businesses in the entertainment and leisure sectors.

Jones is one of the most anticipated guests of Season 13. He has invested in Songlorious and Roq Innovation. As one of the most prominent Shark Tank guests, Peter Jones has a fortune of $1.3 billion.

5. Chris Sacca – $1.2 billion

Tech entrepreneur Chris Sacca, founder of Lowercase Capital, has made millions investing in early-stage startups like Uber, Kickstarter, Instagram and Twitter.

Similar to Daniel Lubezki, Chris started out as a lawyer. He later went to work at Google, where he had the opportunity to fund many promising startups. Sacca eventually left Google to start a venture capital firm, and became a billionaire.

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He appeared in seasons seven and eight wearing a cowboy hat and has deals with Bee Free Honee, HatchBaby, Brightwheel and Rent Like a Champion. Sacca is currently worth $1.2 billion.

6. Steve Tisch – $1.2 billion

Steve Tisch is the chairman and executive vice president of the NFL team New York Giants. He is also a film producer who has been involved in the production of many Hollywood blockbusters.

With the support of Columbia Pictures, Tisch made several short films in his youth. Later, he began to produce independently and invested in films such as “Forrest Gump” and “Admission”.

As an entrepreneur, Steve was invited by the producers of Shark Tank to participate in Season 5. He had a deal with The Cookie Dough Cafe, but unfortunately it didn’t work out. I don’t think Tisch was too mad because he is worth $1.2 billion.

7. Sarah Blakely – $1 billion

At the height of her career, Sarah Blakely was the youngest self-made female billionaire in history. Her success came from founding Spanx, a company that sells leggings and shapewear.

Sarah started out as a stand-up comedian and was also employed by Disney World and Danka. After inventing comfortable pantyhose for women, she launched Spanx and became famous.

She joined the show in season nine and ten and joined forces with Mark Cuban to invest in Alice’s Table. The net worth of this influential woman is estimated to be around $1 billion.

8. Kendra Scott – $580 million

Fashion designer Kendra Scott rose to fame after launching her company, Kendra Scott, LLC, which began as a jewelry brand and later expanded into a fashion line, accessories and beauty products.

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Kendra began making her first jewelry pieces in a spare room in her home. She sold them door-to-door at nearby boutiques and also personally promoted her pieces at fashion shows.

Kendra’s most notable investments were with Sienna Sauce and BootayBag in Season 12, the latter of which received $500,000. Currently, Scott’s net worth is $580 million.

9. Kevin Hart – $450 million

Comedian Kevin Hart was a surprise guest, but he certainly impressed Shark Tank fans with his business acumen. Kevin made a name for himself in the comedy world by winning several talk show competitions. After his talent was discovered by producers, he became the star he is today.

He was selected as a guest investor for Season 13 and shook hands with the founders of The Transformation Factory and Blacksands Entertainment. The comedian has a fortune of $450 million.

10. Anne Wojcicki – $270 million

Anne Wojcicki is a biologist who co-founded the personal genomics company 23andMe. She is the company’s CEO and the ex-wife of Google co-founder Sergey Brin.

Wojcicki spent years working as a healthcare investment analyst, primarily with biotech companies, before starting her own DNA testing company that lets people learn about their ancestry and health risks.

Anne was a guest investor in Season 11 and has made an investment with Gallant, a provider of regenerative pet medicines. Wojcicki is now worth $270 million.

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