Brenda Gantt: Age, Family, Wealth, and Her 2024 Cookbook

Are you curious to know about Brenda Gantt? then you are on the right page. Brenda Gantt, a renowned figure in the world of Southern cooking, has taken the culinary scene by storm with her delectable dishes and charming personality.

Fans of her cooking often wonder about cooking with brenda Gatt’s age, family, and wealth. Brenda, born in 1947, is currently 77 and shows no signs of slowing down.

Her love for cooking and entertaining brenda gantt cookbook been a lifelong passion, and she has turned it into a successful career.

And now, as fans eagerly anticipate her 2024 cookbook, brenda gantt facebook legacy and impact on the culinary world only continue to grow.

Brenda Gantt Bio/Wiki

Real Name/Full Name Brenda Ann Hicks
Nick Name Big Mama
Gender Female
Date of Birth 1947
Brenda Gantt Age 77 Years Old
Birth Place Northport, Alabama, USA
Parents Name Father – NA <br> Mother – NA
Height 5 feet 4 inches (162 cm)
Weight 79 kg (174 lbs)
Hair Color NA
Eye Color NA
Siblings NA
Languages English
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Zodiac NA
Boyfriend NA
Marital Status Married
Husband Name George Patton
Children Name Two Children (5 grandchildren)
Profession School Teacher, Chef, YouTuber, Internet Personality
Brenda Gantt’s Net Worth $10 million

Who is Brenda Gantt?

Brenda Gantt: Age, Family, Wealth, and Her 2024 Cookbook

brenda gantt cabbage casserole is a culinary sensation best known for her Southern comfort cooking and warm, engaging personality.

Hailing from Andalusia, Alabama, Brenda’s journey into the hearts of millions began quite unexpectedly.

A retired teacher, she turned cooking with brenda gantt facebook lifelong passion for cooking into a digital phenomenon almost overnight.

how much is brenda gantt worth ascent to fame started with a simple video of making biscuits, shared on social media, that captivated viewers with its authenticity and charm.

This video showcased her cooking skills and natural ability to connect with people through her stories and tips, making viewers feel like they were right in her kitchen.

brenda gantt bed and breakfast approachable style and dedication to preserving traditional Southern recipes have earned her a devoted following.

brenda gantt videos, often infused with anecdotes and life lessons, go beyond cooking instructions, offering a slice of home and nostalgia.

Through her online presence, Brenda Gantt has become more than a cook; she’s a beloved figure representing the heart and soul of Southern hospitality.

The Rise of Brenda Gantt

Brenda Gantt’s meteoric rise to fame was as unexpected as heartwarming. From her initial viral video of making biscuits, she quickly became an internet sensation, resonating with people for her authenticity and Southern charm.

Her following proliferated as more sought her comforting recipes and kitchen wisdom. This surge in popularity led to appearances on various media platforms, further solidifying her status as a culinary influencer.

Brenda’s ability to blend traditional cooking with modern storytelling catapulted her from a retired teacher to a beloved online personality, transforming her passion into a thriving career that inspires many.

How Old Is Brenda Gantt?

brenda gantt latest cooking videos was born in 1947, so she was 77 years old at the time of this writing.

Despite her age, Brenda continues to be a dynamic force in the culinary world, combining decades of experience with an undiminished passion for sharing her love of Southern cooking.

brenda gantt facebook videos vitality and enthusiasm for life are evident in every dish she prepares and every story she tells, proving that age is but a number when it comes to pursuing one’s passions and making an impact.

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Brenda Gantt’s Family Life

Brenda Gantt: Age, Family, Wealth, and Her 2024 Cookbook

Brenda Gantt’s warmth and love for family shine through in every aspect of her life, including her cooking.

Married for over fifty years, Brenda and her husband have built a life filled with love, laughter, and countless shared meals.

They are blessed with children and grandchildren, often featured in Brenda’s stories and cooking videos.

brenda gantt facebook videos family is not just her inspiration but also her biggest supporter. They embody the essence of Southern family values. Brenda’s kitchen, much like her life, is a hub of family activity, where traditions are cherished and new memories are made.

Brenda Gantt’s Family Background

brenda gantt youtube roots are deeply embedded in the rich soil of Southern tradition. She was born into a family that championed the virtues of hard work, resilience, and the importance of heritage.

how old is brenda gantt upbringing in a humble household, under the guidance of parents who were staunch advocates for diligence and perseverance, played a pivotal role in molding her character and life philosophy.

The kitchen, helmed by brenda gantt cooking mother’s proficient hands, became Brenda’s classroom for the culinary arts.

Her passion for cooking was ignited here, thanks to the countless hours spent by her side, absorbing the wisdom of generations through recipes and cooking techniques passed down through the family.

Her siblings, too, contributed to her growth, offering support and camaraderie, reinforcing the family’s tight-knit fabric. Brenda’s narrative often features fond recollections of her childhood, a testament to the indelible mark brenda gantt website family has left on her.

This foundation of family values, dedication, and a love for Southern culinary traditions shaped Brenda’s personal journey and laid the groundwork for her eventual rise as a beloved culinary figure.

Brenda Gantt’s Husband and Relationship Status

Brenda Gantt: Age, Family, Wealth, and Her 2024 Cookbook

Category Information
Boyfriend NA
Marital Status Married
Husband Name George Patton

is brenda gantt still alive life was deeply intertwined with her husband, George Patton, since 1968, blossoming into a partnership fortified with mutual love and respect.

Their marriage, lasting five decades until George’s passing in 2018, was marked by shared joys and challenges.

The legacy of their love is carried on through their two children and five grandchildren, who embody George’s athletic prowess and his spirit.

brenda gantt biscuit recipe journey as a widow has not diminished her zest for life; instead, she continues to weave the tapestry of her family’s story with the same resilience and warmth that has endeared her to many.

Brenda Gantt’s Children

Brenda Gantt: Age, Family, Wealth, and Her 2024 Cookbook

brenda gantt cooking videos cherishes her role as a mother to two wonderful children, whose identities she prefers to keep out of the public eye.

These two individuals have become responsible adults, creating their own life stories and expanding Brenda’s joy as a family matriarch by giving her five grandchildren.

cooking with brenda gantt 2023 is immensely happy with these grandchildren, who embody the vivacity of their grandmother and the athletic spirit of their late grandfather.

Brenda imparts her cherished culinary wisdom and Southern traditions through regular family gatherings and shared meals, ensuring her family legacy flourishes with each generation.

Brenda Gantt’s Body Measurements & Physical Appearances

Attribute Value
Height 5 feet 4 inches (162 cm)
Weight 79 kg (174 lbs)
Hair Color NA
Eye Color NA
Siblings NA
Languages English
Religion Christian
Nationality American
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Brenda Gantt stands at a comfortable height of 5 feet 4 inches (162 cm). She weighs approximately 79 kg (174 lbs), embodying the essence of a nurturing figure who has spent decades perfecting her craft in the kitchen.

While specific details such as hair and eye color are not emphasized, her vibrant personality and culinary prowess truly define her.

Brenda communicates fluently in English, her mother tongue, which she uses to share her recipes and convey heartwarming stories and valuable life lessons.

As a devout Christian, brenda gantt hot water cornbread faith often shines through in her cooking and her interactions with her community, offering a glimpse into the values that shape her life.

Holding American nationality, brenda gantt fried squash exemplifies the rich culinary traditions of the Southern United States, bringing them to life in her kitchen for all to experience.

Brenda Gantt’s Career Journey

Brenda Gantt’s journey from a dedicated school teacher to a culinary sensation is a testament to her versatility and passion.

After retiring from a fulfilling career in education, where she nurtured young minds for over two decades, Brenda seamlessly transitioned to pursuing her love for cooking.

Her rise to fame as a cookbook author began with the encouragement of her fans and the collaboration with her friend and editor, Lisa Dampier, resulting in the beloved “It’s Gonna Be Good, Y’all.”

This cookbook, rich with Southern recipes and personal anecdotes, showcases Brenda’s commitment to sharing her culinary heritage and the warmth of her kitchen with the world.

Brenda Gantt Cookbook Name

Brenda Gantt’s journey into the world of cookbooks has produced two remarkable volumes.

Her initial offering, “It’s Gonna Be Good, Y’all,” presents over 200 recipes that embody the spirit of Southern cooking and family gatherings.

Following the warm reception of her first cookbook, Brenda introduced her fans to “Linger Around The Table Y’all.”

This second compilation reinforces her philosophy of enjoying leisurely meals and deep conversations, further cementing her place in the hearts of those who cherish Southern cuisine and the art of mealtime bonding.

Both titles reflect Brenda’s culinary expertise and commitment to fostering connections through food.

Before Fame

Brenda Gantt: Age, Family, Wealth, and Her 2024 Cookbook

Before achieving widespread recognition in the culinary world, Brenda Gantt led a fulfilling career as an educator, dedicating over two decades to shaping the minds of young students.

Her roots in Andalusia, Alabama, instilled in her a deep appreciation for the values of hard work and the importance of family and tradition.

These early experiences, coupled with her innate passion for cooking, passed down through generations, laid the groundwork for her eventual foray into Southern cuisine, setting the stage for her remarkable transition from classroom to kitchen.


Brenda Gantt is of Caucasian ethnicity, with her roots deeply entrenched in the Southern United States.

Her heritage reflects the broader cultural tapestry of the South, known for its rich history, diverse traditions, and the melding of various European ancestries.

Brenda’s identity and culinary style are influenced by this heritage, showcasing the flavors, stories, and warmth of Southern hospitality passed down through generations.


Brenda Gantt’s Southern charm isn’t limited to her cooking; she’s also known for her distinctive catchphrases and genuine laughter, which echo throughout her kitchen.

Her unexpected rise to fame is a fascinating tidbit – Brenda never intended to become an internet sensation.

Her authentic approach to sharing her life and recipes online captured the hearts of millions.

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Additionally, despite her culinary fame, she remains humble and often jokes about her technophobia, relying on simple techniques to share her cooking wisdom rather than high-tech gadgets. Her love for antique cookware and tools further connects her to the traditions she holds dear.

A Look into Brenda Gantt’s Net Worth

As of 2024, Brenda Gantt’s net worth has climbed to an impressive $10 million, a testament to her flourishing career as a culinary star.

Her wealth is primarily attributed to the diverse sources of income she has cultivated, mainly through her engaging content on Facebook and YouTube.

These platforms have expanded her audience and played a crucial role in boosting her financial standing, showcasing her ability to turn her passion for Southern cooking into a lucrative enterprise.

Fun Facts

  • Brenda learned to cook using a wood-burning stove.
  • Her first viral video still needs to be posted due to her technophobia.
  • Brenda often wears aprons that were hand-sewn by fans.
  • She has never attended a professional cooking school.
  • Brenda’s favorite dish is her grandmother’s chicken and dumplings recipe.
  • She starts daily with a cup of coffee and a quiet moment on her porch.
  • Her biscuit recipe has been shared and replicated worldwide.
  • Brenda uses her platform to raise funds for local community projects.
  • Despite her fame, she insists on answering as many fan messages as possible.
  • Brenda’s kitchen collection includes a skillet over 100 years old, passed down from her great-grandmother.

Brenda Gantt: Age, Family, Wealth, and Her 2024 Cookbook

Frequently Asked Questions

What inspired Brenda Gantt to start cooking?

Brenda’s passion for cooking was ignited by her mother’s guidance and the family traditions passed down through generations. Her upbringing in the Southern United States played a crucial role in developing her love for Southern cuisine.

How did Brenda Gantt become famous?

Brenda’s rise to fame began with a viral video of her making biscuits, which showcased her authentic Southern cooking style and warm, engaging personality. Her genuine approach to sharing her life and recipes resonated with many.

Where can I find Brenda Gantt’s recipes?

Brenda’s recipes can be found in her cookbooks, “It’s Gonna Be Good, Y’all” and “Linger Around The Table Y’all,” as well as on her Facebook and YouTube channels, where she regularly shares cooking videos.

Does Brenda Gantt host cooking classes?

As of the last update, Brenda Gantt does not officially host cooking classes. However, she shares her cooking tips, techniques, and recipes through social media platforms and cookbooks, providing a virtual class experience.

Can I visit Brenda Gantt’s kitchen or café?

Brenda Gantt often shares her kitchen through social media videos, giving viewers a virtual tour of where she creates her dishes. Her official social media channels provide information about any public café or kitchen she may own, as well as updates and announcements.


Brenda Gantt’s journey from a retired teacher to a culinary icon underscores the power of passion and authenticity in connecting with people globally.

Through her cookbooks, social media presence, and undying love for Southern cooking, Brenda has inspired countless individuals to embrace the joy of cooking and the importance of family gatherings.

As we look forward to her 2024 cookbook release, her story reminds us that pursuing your passions and making a significant impact is always possible. Brenda’s legacy is a testament to the enduring appeal of genuine Southern hospitality and the universal language of good food.

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